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Escort Missions

Chinese naval fleets escort over 6,600 vessels in Gulf of Aden, Somalia over past 10 years

For the past decade, a message that reads "We are the Chinese Navy escort fleet, please call us on channel 16 if you need help" has always been broadcasted in both Chinese and English to passing ships on the Gulf of Aden.

2019-04-19 22:16:02

Navy fleet escorts four Chinese civilian ships

On the evening of April 14, two ships from the 31st Chinese naval escort taskforce to the Gulf of Aden successfully escorted four Chinese fishing ships to safe waters after a voyage of more than 500 nautical miles.

2019-04-16 17:15:22

China sends new naval destroyer fleet to Somali waters for escort mission

China's 32nd convoy fleet to the Gulf of Aden and Somali waters set sail from a military port in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang Province on Thursday, the People's Liberation Army Navy official WeChat account announced that same day.

2019-04-04 17:48:50

Chinese Navy imprints its escort efforts on embankment of Djibouti

In 2008, a naval graffito was left by a country on the harbor embankment in Djibouti. Since then various navies including the Chinese Navy have followed suit.

2019-03-18 18:51:21