PLA submariners defy death in the depths

For Senior Captain Wang Hongli and his crew, reacting fast enough in their submarine in the abyss of the ocean is a matter of life and death. In a recent PLA Navy patrol mission, his team had just three minutes to save their Submarine 372 from plunging into an underwater trench thousands of meters deep.

PLA has to win the anti-graft war first

Some people say the campaign to hunt down corrupt officers may hurt the image of the PLA, without realizing that the move is aimed at protecting the integrity of the military. Just imagine what would happen if the corrupt generals remain in their posts. Wouldn't their corrupt ways endanger the PLA?

NDU holds academic annual conference in Beijing

The 2014 Annual Academic Conference of the National Defense University of the PLA was held in Beijing yesterday.

Military newspaper vows no sanctuary for corruption

Sun Jianguo meets with Kazakstan military delegation

Maldives thanks Chinese navy for fresh water supply

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