The second China-Africa Peace and Security Forum Ministerial Meeting was held via video link on July 25, 2022. Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe attended the meeting.
The 13th China-ASEAN Defense Ministers' Informal Meeting was held via video link on Wednesday. The meeting was co-chaired by Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe and General Tea Banh, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister of Cambodia, the rotating chair of ASEAN.
Three astronauts from the Shenzhou-13 crewed mission were awarded medals for their service to China's space endeavors on Tuesday.
The bottom line can never be broken, and sincerity is a prerequisite for communication.
Senior Colonel Wu Qian, spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense (MND) of the People's Republic of China (PRC), answers reporters' questions at a regular press conference on July 28, 2022.
The Chinese People's Liberation Army is on high alert and will take a series of targeted military operations in response to resolutely safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and resolutely thwart the interference by external forces and the separatist schemes for "Taiwan independence".
The PLAAF dispatched Y-20 transport aircraft for the first time on July 31 to send newly-admitted pilot cadets to the Aviation University of Air Force for registration, in an effort to boost their sense of honor and professional pride.
Senior Colonel Shen Jinke, spokesperson for the PLA Air Force (PLAAF) said that the air force's YY-20 refueling aircraft and the J-16 fighter carried out aerial refueling training above the sea recently, which marks an improvement of the combat training level.
The medical train of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China, after concluding its mission in the "Peace Train-2022" joint humanitarian medical rescue exercise and medical service activities, headed for China on Friday morning.
Recently, a naval aviation unit of the PLA Southern Theater Command organized anti-submarine patrol aircraft to carry out high-intensity search and attack training, which has strengthened the pilots' capability to meet emergency and conduct coordinated operations.
Recently, guided-missile frigates Suqian (Hull 666) and Jingmen (Hull 667) attached to the PLA Hong Kong Garrison conducted a multi-subject maritime training exercise in waters off Hong Kong.
Recently, a ship-borne helicopter regiment with the naval aviation troops under the PLA Eastern Theater Command conducted, day-and-night flight training exercise involving multi-type helicopters in low-visibility weather to further enhance the troops' overall all-weather combat capability.
Recently, the 20th Chinese peacekeeping force to Lebanon opened training courses on the basic Chinese language and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) such as acupuncture and cupping therapies during mission intervals.