Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed thorough promotion of military talent cultivation to support and lead the progress in strengthening the armed forces.
Chinese State Councilor and Minister of National Defense General Wei Fenghe on Tuesday held talks with Indonesian Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto via video link.
At the request of the Cambodian Armed Forces and approved by China's Central Military Commission, the PLA delivered a batch of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control materials to the Cambodian side on November 23, 2021.
The Chinese People's Liberation Army has provided the Bangladeshi Armed Forces with a batch of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control supplies in aid, which was delivered to the Bangladeshi side on November 28, 2021.
The PLA Eastern Theater Command continuously sent naval and air forces to conduct combat-readiness alert patrols in the direction of the Taiwan Strait on November 26, said spokesperson for the Eastern Theater Command, in a written statement on Monday.
The Army Engineering University of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) will host the second international army forum on military education from Nov. 29 to Dec. 1, a Chinese defense spokesman announced Thursday.
The guided-missile destroyer Urumqi (Hull 118) of the 39th Chinese naval escort taskforce convoyed three foreign merchant ships safely to the west part of the Gulf of Aden on November 22, local time. Forty-six Chinese crew members aboard these small-tonnage and slow-speed merchant ships presented a Chinese national flag on the deck to express their gratitude to the Chinese naval ship when bidding farewell.
Bombers usually need to carry out risky and difficult ultra-low altitude flight in order to evade radar and launch fire strikes. How does it feel to perform such a task?
At noon on October 23, local time, the China-Russia joint naval exercise Joint Sea 2021 and joint maritime cruise concluded successfully. The two sides' ship formations held a farewell ceremony in the eastern waters of the East China Sea.
In late September, service members assigned to a border defense regiment of the Kashi Military Sub-command under the PLA Xinjiang Military Command flew to a plateau border defense area at an elevation of more than 5,600 meters to perform patrol missions on the helicopter.
The Hong Kong Garrison of the Chinese People's Liberation Army on Wednesday completed the 24th rotation since it began garrisoning Hong Kong in 1997.
On August 20, local time, the organizing committee of the "Army of Culture" event of the International Army Games (IAG) 2021 holds a draft lottery ceremony in the Patriot Park in Moscow, Russia.
The 20th Chinese peacekeeping multi-role engineering unit to Lebanon has recently passed the last UN equipment inspection of the year and achieved overall excellent results.