China, Russia to conduct first computer-enabled anti-missile exercise

China and Russia have decided to hold a joint computer-enabled anti-missile defense exercise in May.

ADMM-Plus counter terrorism joint exercise kicks off in Brunei

The ADMM-Plus Maritime Security and Counter Terrorism Exercise kicked off at the Multi-National Coordination Center of Brunei's Muara Naval Base on Tuesday.

Defense Ministry's regular press conference on April 28

According to the Work Plan of the ADMM-Plus Experts' Working Group on Maritime Security and Counter-terrorism, the ADMM-Plus Maritime Security and Counter-terrorism Exercise will be held from May 2 to 12 in Brunei and Singapore as well as in the waters between the two countries.

23rd Chinese naval escort taskforce starts first escort mission

Chinese defense minister to attend 5th Moscow International Security Conference

U.S. "freedom of navigation" operations in South China Sea "very dangerous": China

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