China assembling first domestic-built aircraft carrier

China's first domestic-built aircraft carrier is in the development stage, with the hull having already been assembled in a shipyard, said a spokesperson for the country's Ministry of National Defense on Thursday.

China to showcase J-20 fighter jet in public at air show

China's domestic-built J-20 stealth fighter will make its public debut at an air show in Zhuhai City next week, with air-force pilots flying the new-generation warcraft, a military spokesperson said Friday.

China, U.S. to hold joint military drill

Chinese and U.S. armies will stage a joint military drill featuring rescue and disaster alleviation in southwest China from Nov. 13 to 18, China's military spokesperson Wu Qian told a press briefing on Thursday.

UN Secretary General’s Special Representative visits Chinese peacekeeping hospital in Mali

China‬ resumes 3rd mine clearance mission along China-Vietnam border

China, Pakistan hold joint anti-terrorism training

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