Highlights of Chinese military in Vostok-2022 military exercise

Source:China Military Online Editor:Wang Xinjuan 2022-09-13 15:42:06

By Liu Dan, Liu Min and Xu Yizhen

BEIJING, Sept. 13 -- The Vostok (East)-2022 exercise was held from August 31 to September 7, local time, in Russia. China, Algeria, India, Belarus, Tajikistan, Mongolia and other countries sent troops to participate in the exercise.

According to Han Lin, a director of the Chinese participating troops, it is the fourth time that the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has sent troops to participate in Russia's annual strategic exercise, and it's the first time that China has sent the units of army, navy and air force to join the drills at the same time, and has dispatched navy ships to the Sea of Japan for coordinated drills.

Chinese troops participate in a parade during the closing ceremony of the Vostok-2022 military exercise in Russia.

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