Chinese peacekeepers to Lebanon build air defense bunker for Nepalese counterparts

Source:China Military Online Editor:Li Weichao 2022-05-07 17:07:53

By Zhuang Xiaohao, Li Jiapan and Huang Qi

BEIRUT, May 6 -- The 20th Chinese peacekeeping engineering contingent to Lebanon completed the construction of a new air defense bunker on May 4, local time, providing effective security support for Nepalese peacekeeping troops.

The air defense bunker of the Nepal peacekeeping infantry battalion located near the Blue Line has been seriously deformed after long-term use. It posed a major safety hazard, and a new air defense bunker was urgently needed. After receiving the task, the Chinese contingent immediately dispatched professional forces to conduct on-site surveys, and formulated a comprehensive construction plan after weighing the safety risks.

The current hot weather in Lebanon brought great challenges to outdoor operations. In order to improve efficiency, the Chinese peacekeeping engineers worked in different groups and carried out the construction work at multiple points synchronously.

On the completion day, a Nepalese commanding officer expressed gratitude to the Chinese peacekeepers. "The project is well done with very high standards. This bunker you built is of vital importance to our safety, thank you very much," he said.

A shovel excavator fills the gabion with gravel. (Photo by Zhuang Xiaohao)
A Chinese peacekeeper fixes steel bars on the gabion. (Photo by Zhuang Xiaohao)