First batch of military ID tags issued to troops of PLA Xinjiang Military Command

Source:China Military Online Editor:Li Jiayao 2021-02-05 19:00:33

BEIJING, Feb.5 -- The first batch of military identification tags developed by the Logistic Support Department of China's Central Military Commission (CMC) were distributed to plateau field training unit assigned to the PLA’s Xinjiang Military Command for trial use. This move is of great significance in building systematic operational support capabilities based on information system, as well as promoting battlefield logistics and medical support.

The military identification tag is an intelligent carrier that records basic personal and medtag information, which could be used for identity authentication, wounded treatment, remains identification and wartime support. It consists of a metal master plate and a plastic cover with a built-in microchip. The metal master plate is about two centimeters wide and four centimeters long, being blasting and high temperature resistant. It is engraved with some basic information such as the name, gender, blood type and military ID number on the one side, and a QR code on the other side. By scanning this QR code with a proprietary device, important information about the bearer can be quickly obtained.

Inside the plastic cover, a microchip was installed that stores the bearer’s fingerprints, allergy history, electronic medtag and other digital information. Combined with the master plate, the bearer could have quick access to medical treatment, board and lodging at the military stations, and public transportations, convenient for the military personnel and support management both in peacetime and wartime.

It is learnt that the troops stationed on the plateau will also be equipped with BeiDou watches perceptible to human physiological indicators. The watch can be integrated into individual combat equipment for vital signs monitoring, search and rescue of the wounded, etc.

Military identification tag.
Troops are distributed with the military identification tags.