Chinese, Indian militaries discuss holding ninth round of talks: Spokesperson

Source:China Military Online Editor:Wang Xinjuan 2020-12-31 16:48:08

BEIJING, Dec. 31 -- China and India are holding consultations on the ninth round of Corps Commander Level Meeting, said Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, a spokesperson for China's Ministry of National Defense, at a regular press conference on Thursday.

Snr. Col. Tan introduced that, since the eighth round of Corps Commander Level Meeting between Chinese and Indian militaries, the two sides have maintained consultation on disengagement of frontline troops and strengthened management of border troops. The situation in the border areas is generally stable.

China is willing to maintain communication with India via military and diplomatic channels. India is expected to work with China towards the same goal, implement the consensus reached at the Corps Commander Level Meetings, and take pragmatic measures to further abate the tension in border areas, Snr. Col. Tan stressed.