Winter logistic support for plateau border troops comprehensively improved

Source:China Military Online Editor:Wang Xinjuan 2020-12-11 17:31:42

By Liu Jianwei, Sun Xingwei and Yang Renwei

BEIJING, Dec. 11 -- Various new-type logistic equipment and materials deployed by the Chinese PLA provides an all-round guarantee for the training and living of front-line service members.

The Chinese PLA has distributed new cold-proof outfits, including cold-proof hoods, thermal training clothes, lightweight cold-proof training coat, quick-dry underwear, anti-glare glasses, and multi-functional insulated water bottles to its plateau troops. The outfits were highly recognized by border service members as lightweight, technical and well-functional after being tried on.

New barracks and field insulated cabins have also been deployed on the plateau. "These new barracks are well designed with advanced functions and complete supporting facilities”, said Ji Gen, an officer who has stationed at the plateau for 10 years, excitedly. Despite the biting cold outdoor weather at night, the indoor temperature can be kept above 15°C. Besides of these, the field insulated cabins are more popular. According to border officers and soldiers, this new dismountable self-energized insulated cabin is quite suitable and practical, ensuring that border service members can camp and perform tasks in high-cold and high-altitude areas.

In recent years, various types of border patrol vehicles with advanced functions have been equipped to the plateau border defense troops. Such vehicles are fast, have strong off-road performance, and good in-vehicle insulation. They can also be connected to various border defense video surveillance systems to provide a panoramic view of surrounding areas. In addition, border defense companies and outposts have built helipads to ensure unimped air traffic lines even if roads are blocked by heavy snow.

Frontier food supply is also getting more abundant. In recent years, border defense troops and local governments have established non-staple food emergency support bases and logistics distribution systems, ensuring that no less than 12 varieties of fresh non-staple food be stockpiled in winter. They also developed nutrient-rich rations and self-heating food for plateau troops, which have effectively improved the food quality and enriched the recipe system of service members. To ensure that frontier defense troops can eat hot food, relevant PLA departments have supplemented the plateau troops with relevant storage equipment, improved food preservation and processing methods. Service members all said that nowadays, with multiple kinds of food and sufficient nutrition supply, their training and mission-performing have been well-supported.

Fresh vegetables planted by plateau border troops (Photo by Xu Mingyuan)
The new barracks keep border troops warm. (Photo by Li Sanhong)