Feature: Chinese team achieves excellent results in Safe Environment contest of IAG 2020

Source:China Military Online Editor:Chen Lufan 2020-09-02 17:09:33

A PLA soldier competes in the shooting competition of Safe Environment contest of the International Army Games (IAG) 2020 in Yaroslavl, Russia, on August 26. (Photo: js7tv)


By Fu Daoyong, Song Rui and Hai Yang

The shooting competition of the Safe Environment contest of the International Army Games (IAG) 2020 was held at the Pesochnoye training ground in Yaroslavl region of Russia on August 26.

Six participating countries, including China, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam, had sent two teams to participate in the shooting competition of the Safe Environment contest. According to Sun Guoming, the Chinese team leader, this year's shooting competition will simulate three combat scenarios of chemical defense troops dealing with a surprise ambush, emergency alert, and combat reconnaissance under actual combat conditions.

However, when the team members prepared to start, the gloomy sky suddenly rained heavily. The Chinese participants had to wait for the rain to fade.

There is only a short distance of 50 meters from the waiting area to the shooting range. "Beep!" As the voice-controlled timer in the hands of the Russian referee sounded, Jiang Feihong, who received the signal for the resume of the game, rushed to the first shooting position like an arrow from the string. The lens of the gas mask was covered with raindrops, and the distant target became more blurred as the water mist rising from the ground .

Moving forward against the difficult and dangerous situation, Jiang didn't hesitate for a moment. He shot it decisively and did it in one go. Right after he shook the water droplets on the lens, he didn't have time to think about it. Instead, he accurately changed the magazine with his left hand and rushed to the next point.

The rain was getting heavier but the game continued. Sui Dongjing, who was in the second group of the Chinese team, laid down in front of the 40-centimeter-high shooting hole, loaded magazines, and held the gun. He aimed at a target position that was blocked by two hostage targets at 80 meters. "Bang, bang, bang and bang", four crisp shots right hit the target.

Quickly got up, Sui, who was covered in mud, immediately rushed to the next shooting point. The slippery ground brought a lot of challenges to Sui. Thanks to solid tactical literacy, excellent shooting skills, and stable on-site performance, he finally won the first place in the individual shooting competition.

In fighting and competition calling for courage and heroic spirit, victory always keeps company with strongest players. Despite the bad weather on unfamiliar training grounds, the two participating Chinese teams calmly challenged and won the second and fourth places respectively, and finally won the second place in the total score, which fully demonstrated the charm of Chinese soldiers in the international arena.