Chinese troops for Open Water of Int'l Army Games conduct adaptive training

Source:China Military Online Editor:Xu Yi 2020-08-21 18:00:57

The 124 Chinese participants for Open Water competition arrive at the game location in Murom by plane on July 19, 2018.

MOSCOW, Aug.21 -- Chinese troops participating in the Open Water contest of the International Army Games 2020 (IAG) carried out adaptive training at the Oka River training ground in Murom, Russia on August 19, local time.

This is the first time for Chinese participating team to use Russian pontoon bridge equipment for this year’s competition preparations. Unlike land-based equipment, most of the pontoon bridge equipment is designed for both water and land environments, complicated in operation and huge in size. During the IAG competitions, the Chinese team will use the Russian military's active large-scale pontoon bridge equipment such as self-propelled pontoon bridge, amphibious armored transport vehicles, pontoon vehicles, and motorboat vehicles.

The equipment of two countries is very different in terms of gear switch, key configuration, loading and unloading model, etc. The Chinese service members had to careful study every detail, trying to adapt to the new equipment and competition venues as soon as possible.

In order to improve efficiency, Chinese service members were divided into groups based on the competition subjects to concentrate on extensive training. They were in the same training waters with the Russian team. The two teams competed with each other and helped each other, delivering a harmonious pre-match atmosphere.

The contest mainly examines the capability of the troops to cross the river in multiple ways in a continuous and rapid manner under actual combat condition. It is learnt that the Chinese team participating in the Open Water contest includes more than 100 service members assigned to a brigade under the PLA’s 80th Group Army. Most of the team members are going abroad for the first time to participate in the competition.