You always protect us and now, please let us help you

Source:China Military Online Editor:Yang Tao 2020-05-22 19:01:06

Online relay helps sick soldier

Recently, a piece of information asking for granulocytes (leukocytes) donation circulated widely online. Qiu Sheng, an active service member in Tibet, has caught leukemia and is having drug resistance. He is in urgent need of granulocyte infusion therapy.

According to his attending physician, he has very severe a plastic anemia (VSAA) and is also infected with a kind of superbug, which is basically resistant to all current antibiotics. So it is difficult to control the infection by drug treatment alone. Now he needs granulocytes (leukocytes) to help fight the infection.

Netizens forwarded the message one after another after it was sent out. Many people left comments to offer help to the border soldier. On the day of the news, more than 100 volunteers went to the hospital for physical examination and donation, and just within two days, the hospital got enough donations available for at least 10 days of treatment.

Just like one netizen said, "You always protect us; now, please let us help you."

Nine passengers voluntarily change their flights for the life of a soldier

At 7:05 pm on November 21, 2017, a flight from Aksu to Urumqi carried a soldier assigned to the People's Liberation Army with life-threatening conditions. His name is Chen Shi, a soldier of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC).

At that time, Chen Shi was suddenly ill, but the hospitals of Ushi County and the First Division of XPCC were not equipped for a surgery. Only major hospitals in Urumqi were able to provide treatment for Chen, but they were 1,000 kilometers away. Sending him by ambulance to the hospitals was too long, and might endanger his life at any time, so civil flight was the only option.

Doctors onboard the plane bound for Urumqi check Chen Shi's conditions. (

"Dear passengers, please note that this flight needs nine seats to install a stretcher for a soldier in serious conditions. If you would like to change to the next flight voluntarily, please register with the duty manager..."

On hearing the broadcast, many passengers came to the check-in counter, volunteering to change their flights.

“I am more than willing to change my flight and don’t need any compensation,” a passenger said.

In the end, none of the nine passengers who voluntarily changed their flights accepted the airline’s delay compensation. All of them said that love could not be measured by money.

84-year-old man sends five boxes of scarves for soldiers

The "No.1 Sentry Post of Northwest China" guarded by Bai Ha Ba border company of the PLA Altay Military sub-Command received five mysterious boxes before the lunar Chinese New Year in 2020.

The packages were sent from Longquan Town, Anyang, Henan Province. The note on the box reads, "To the most admirable people of the 'No.1 Sentry Post of Northwest China'". Inside each box, there are colorful scarves, each with a card noting that "To the most admirable people."

Through the contact information left on the package, the officers and soldiers finally found the sender Zhao Zhongfu. The 84-year-old man was a party member who had joined the party six decades ago. He had once been responsible for sending letters to the underground party organizations in the battle for the liberation of Anyang before the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and was working in the militia company since the founding of PRC.

Zhao Zhongfu and his wife Zhang Emei have been paying attention to military news since they retired over 20 years ago. Last year, the old couple learnt the news on the television that company officers and soldiers fell into a glacier while patrolling by horse. They couldn't help but think of their experience in the battle for the liberation of Anyang.

Hand-made scarves sent by Zhao Zhongfu to Bai Ha Ba border company of the PLA Altay Military sub-Command. (

From that day on, the couple started to care for the border soldiers, and they would often weave scarves and send them to officers and soldiers stationed in border areas across the country.

The winds of the Altay Mountains in mid-winter are bitterly cold as the temperature drops to minus 20 degrees Celsius, but the officers and soldiers feel warm.

Sergeant Major Zhang Hongbo said, "These boxes of scarves warm our hearts. They indicate that many people in the world know and care for us".

Six cups of bubble tea sent from Xi'an to Yinchuan

Officers and soldiers assigned to the 18th Squadron of the Yinchuan Detachment under the Chinese People's Armed Police Force Ningxia Corps performed duty under -20 ° C around the Yinchuan New Bus Station on February 9, 2018.

At 11 a.m., when the officers and soldiers were preparing in the patrol vehicle, a delivery man brought six cups of bubble tea to them.

"We didn't order takeout, is it a mistake?"

The deliveryman took out his phone to show them the order, and the note reads: "Guarding Yinchuan on such a cold day is very hard, so please send them to the most admirable people!"

They dialed the phone on the takeout list and soon heard a slightly shy girl's voice.

The girl wasWang Peiling, a manager of a hotel in Xi'an. She used to be an intern working near Yinchuan Bus Station, when she often saw officers and soldiers on duty despite wind and rain. She felt that their work was very hard, so she decided to order bubble tea for them.

Hearing the officers and soldiers thanking her so much, the shy girl hung up the phone. Then, she sent a text message: "I just want to do something for whom I admire, and hope to make you feel warmer in cold winter!"

Chinese military comes from the people and is rooted in the people. Chinese military loves the people, and the people support the PLA. Such stories are happening all over China at any time.