PLA team sets out for humanitarian activities and exercise with Laotian military

Source:China Military Online Editor:Chen Zhuo 2019-08-08 17:57:57

(Chinese medical team for "Peace Train-2019" stands by in formation.)

CHONGQING, Aug.7 (ChinaMil) -- China’s "Peace Train" medical team to Laos boarded the train for Zunyi City in northern China’s Guizhou Province on Wednesday morning. They will first conduct free domestic clinical care in Zunyi and then head for Laos, to participate in a 14-day humanitarian and medical joint rescue drill as well as other medical services from August 13 to 26.

From August 13 to 19, 105 Chinese officers and soldiers and 100 Laotian officers and soldiers will participate in the China-Laos humanitarian and medical joint rescue drill against a background of emergency medical rescue for landslides in the 58th Regiment of the Laotian armed forces in Vientiane . The Chinese side will carry new tent hospital system and army ambulance helicopters. Most of the Chinese officers and soldiers have medical support experience such as major drill and training missions, international peacekeeping operations, flood-fighting and emergency rescues and earthquake relief. The participating Laotian team is mainly from the Lao Military Hospital 103and qualified central hospitals.

Then from August 20 to 26, three "Peace Train" medical detachments will provide medical services in Lao’s Vientiane, Xiangkhouang and Pakse. They will carry out free clinical care, physical examination, itinerant health care and surgeries for government officials, officers and soldiers, military families and local residents. Some of the Chinese personnel will provide itinerant health care in Attapeu's Sanamxay district where a saddle dam collapsed following heavy rains, inundating 12 villages and killing at least 40 people on July 23, 2018.

The serial tasks are the extension and deepening of the "Peace Train" missions in 2017 and 2018, aiming to establish a comprehensive, in-depth and normalized cooperation mechanism between the two militaries and promote the development of the comprehensive strategic partnership featuring mutual trust, mutual support and mutual benefit. It represents a continued deepening of the military medical cooperation between the two militaries.

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