MONUSCO Force Commander appreciates Chinese peacekeepers' contribution in DRC

Source:China Military Online Editor:Huang Panyue 2019-03-13

More than 30 representatives of the MONUSCO military and civil affairs departments attend the engineering conference.

GOMA, CONGO, March 13 (ChinaMil) -- An engineering conference was held by the United Nation (UN) Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO) in Goma, North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Representatives of four peacekeeping engineer detachments from China, Indonesia, Nepal and Bangladesh, along with more than 30 representatives from the military and civilian departments of the MONUSCO, attended the conference. At the meeting, the Chinese peacekeeping engineers won unanimous acclaim for their professional precision, bravery, and rich experience in engineering construction.

Deputy chief of staff of the MONUSCO Operation Support Group said: “Chinese engineers are particularly hard-working with high morale. Their troops management is orderly with the highest rate of equipment readiness. They always try to solve problems on their own whenever they encounter difficulties. "

"Chinese peacekeeping engineers, batch after batch, have continued to deliver protections with their footprint all over the mission area of DRC. They built roads, bridges, culverts, and houses, leaving valuable wealth for the DRC people. They should be very proud of themselves for what they have achieved,” he added.

Lt. General Elias Rodrigues Martins Filho, Force Commander of the MONUSCO, fully affirmed the comprehensive work contributed by the Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to the DRC since its deployment: “The Chinese engineers are true professionals and have always accomplished tasks with excellence. We thank you for your excellent work in the DRC mission area.”

It is known that the 22nd Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to DRC is mainly responsible for the strategic passage repair, key bridge construction and major airport maintenance work in the area spanning over 800,000 square kilometers in nine provinces, under the jurisdiction of the MONUSCO's Southern Theater, as well as the infrastructure construction of more than 50 peacekeeping barracks for 8 peacekeeping troop contributors.

Since the deployment in September 2018, the Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment has carried out 29 engineering surveys and 36 engineering construction tasks in more than 20 locations stretching to 10 directions. A total of 8,663 person-times were dispatched, 1,561 units of equipment were used, 10,310 cubic meters of building material were transported for construction, and 2 bridges and 4,460 meters of road were restored. Furthermore, 20,650 square meters of field were leveled, 58 containers were transported by crane, 27 trees were chopped down, 3 vehicles were rescued, 860 square meters of land were reinforced, and 369 pieces (boxes) of junk ammunition and 161 meters of waste blasting fuse were disposed.

In accordance with the current tasks, the engineer detachment is deployed at the “Chinese peninsula” in the Bukavu city of DRC, Uvira and Kamanyola, carrying out any ad-hoc tasks assigned by the MONUSCO and its Southern Theater.

Deputy chief of staff of the Operation Support Group of MONUSCO (L) confers an order of commendation to a Chinese peacekeeping engineer.

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