Text Records of the Press Conference on the 7th CISM World Games

Source:Ministry of National Defense Editor:Li Jiayao 2018-10-17

Press Conference on the 7th CISM World Games

Time: 9:00—10:55, October 17, 2018

Location: Office for International Military Cooperation

Spokespersons: Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang, Deputy Director of the Information Office and Spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense (MND) of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

Senior Colonel Jia Shijiang, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of the Executive Committee of the 7th CISM World Games as well as the Spokesperson for the Military;

Mr. Chen Ruifeng, Deputy Director and Secretary- General of the Executive Committee of the 7th CISM World Games, Spokesperson for the Host City Government, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Wuhan Municipal Committee, and Executive Vice Mayor of the Wuhan Municipal Government.

(The following English text of the press conference is for reference. In case of any divergence of interpretation, the Chinese text shall prevail.)

Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang, Deputy Director of the Information Office and Spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense (MND) of the People's Republic of China (PRC)

Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang: Dear media friends, good morning! Welcome to the 7th CISM World Games Press Conference. I’m the spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense (MND) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang. Before the start of the press conference, I would like to introduce the attending spokespersons: Senior Colonel Jia Shijiang, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of the Executive Committee of the 7th CISM World Games as well as Spokesperson for the Military; Mr. Chen Ruifeng, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of the Executive Committee of the 7th CISM World Games, Spokesperson for the Host City Government, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Wuhan Municipal Committee, and Executive Vice Mayor of Wuhan Municipal Government.

On October 18th, 2019, the 7th CISM World Games will be inaugurated in Wuhan, the capital city of central China’s Hubei Province. We are going to celebrate the one-year countdown of the grand Games tomorrow. Today’s press conference will brief you on the progress and the achievements of the preparation of the 7th CISM World Games and the works to be carried out in the coming year.

It is known that the 7th CISM World Games will be conducted in Wuhan City of China’s Hubei Province from October 18 to 27, 2019. The Games will be the first large-scale international sport events organized in China after the 19th Communist Party of China (CPC) National Congress. It will showcase the great achievements of China’s reform and development in the new era, it will bring honors to the brilliant Chinese culture, and it is an important window to display the brand-new image of Chinese military’s reform in the new era.

Under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, Chinese State Council, and China’s Central Military Commission (CMC), and with the strong support from the Chinese people, Chinese military and friends from media, the preparation work of the 7th CISM World Games are proceeding smoothly as planned. And now please allow me to invite you to watch the promotion video clip of the Games firstly.

When you were watching the video clip, we were also watching your facial expressions. The video clip is fantastic, and I believe the 7th CISM World Games will be even more splendid.

I would like to brief you on the progress of the theme song collections. Ever since we launched the solicitation of the theme song for the Games, we have received 800 pieces of music works from 27 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions throughout the country. The executive commission organized several rounds of reviews and discussions, and also took into consideration of the comments from the public and the internet. Eight songs were finally selected as the theme songs of the 7th CISM World Games. Before the start of the conference, when you were in this conference hall, I believe you had already heard the songs which are the final selections. Some of those songs demonstrate the courage and passion for sports, some of those songs have shown the victorious and martial spirits, some of those songs have integrated into the distinctive Jing-Chu Culture, and some of those songs possess the international pop elements, so as to present a magnificent Military World Games to the world.

Now let’s invite Senior Colonel Jia Shijiang, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of the Executive Committee of the 7th CISM World Games as well as Spokesperson for the Military to brief you on the preparation from the military aspect.

Senior Colonel Jia Shijiang, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of the Executive Committee of the 7th CISM World Games as well as the Spokesperson for the Military

Senior Colonel Jia Shijiang: Friends from the media, good morning! I am glad and excited to meet you all here again.

First of all, thank you very much for your attention and constant support to the Military World Games. Thanks to your hard work, more and more people come to know about, follow and support the Games. As a participant in the organization of the Games, I’m fully aware of your devotion and contribution to it. For that, I’d like to show my sincere gratitude and high respect to you all! As Wuhan Military World Games is drawing closer, I hope you will play your part as always in telling good stories about the Games and thus contributing to the efforts in staging a fantastic and extraordinary Military World Games.

As a member state of CISM, China attaches great importance to participating in the Military World Games. We have participated in and achieved good results in each of the previous six times of the Games. As the organizer of the 7th CISM World Games to be held in Wuhan, the PLA will prepare for the Games up to higher standards to meet the goal of “delivering top-notch performance” set by the CMC and thus pay our tribute to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC. Now I’m going to brief you on the Chinese delegation’s preparations for Wuhan Military World Games.

I. Decide on the events for entry. The forthcoming Wuhan Military World Games includes 27 sports. As the host country, we plan to compete in as many events as possible, in a bid for more exchanges with military people from other countries. Considering the strengths of Chinese teams, we have basically decided to enter all the events, that is 26 events, except for golf. Over 400 athletes will participate, making up the largest Chinese delegation in the history of the Games.

II. Build up participating teams. According to the overall plan for national defense and military reform, we have integrated the professional sports institutions of the military and restructured sports teams by merging teams of the same sport, adding teams of sports with military characteristics, and disbanding those of sports not managed by CISM. Altogether we have put together 29 sports teams, pooling the best personnel and resources for the Games.

III. Organize intensive training. We convened a mobilization meeting before training to stimulate the athletes’ drive and enthusiasm for winning the Games and building up the military. We have guided the sports teams to develop plans for physical, technical, tactical and psychological training and thus to enhance their strengths. We have organized the teams to take part in sporting events at home and abroad, especially CISM championships, so that they can find out what to improve, gain good experience, and build closer collaboration. Now training for the Games is in full swing and the teams, in line with our expectations, have performed quite well in the Asian Games, the World Championships and other major sporting events.

IV. Ensure training support. Support for training is provided in four aspects. First, a team of experts sourced from professional military-civilian medical institutions has been selected to provide the best medical services during the Games. Second, the catering services for athletes are appropriately improved according to training needs. Third, the needs for related sports equipment and facilities are promptly satisfied. Fourth, the excellent stadiums and gymnasiums of the military are integrated for shared and efficient use so as to ensure venue support for training.

V. Increase technology input in training. Taking into full account the requirements of training for and participation in the Games, while drawing on Chinese delegation’s beneficial practice in preparing for the Olympic Games, we have selected 11 sports training experts from across the country who have extensive expertise, rich hands-on experience and remarkable professional skills to offer guidance to athletes in physical training, training monitoring, sports rehabilitation, psychological counseling, etc. This will empower our training with more efficiency and effectiveness.

VI. Strengthen preparation in organization and leadership. As planned, we will set up the sports delegation for Wuhan Military World Games before the end of 2018. Meanwhile, the leadership, guidance, and service support for Games preparations will be strengthened. Outstanding athletes will be selected to represent the Chinese officers and soldiers and compete with their counterparts from other countries with a common aspiration of sharing friendship and building peace.

Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang: Now I would like to invite Mr. Chen Ruifeng, Executive Vice mayor of the Wuhan Municipal Government to brief us on the preparation by the host city.

Mr. Chen Ruifeng, Deputy Director and Secretary- General of the Executive Committee of the 7th CISM World Games, Spokesperson for the Host City Government, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Wuhan Municipal Committee, and Executive Vice Mayor of the Wuhan Municipal Government.

Chen Ruifeng: Media friends, ladies and gentlemen, good morning! As the One-Year Countdown Celebration for the 7th CISM World Games approaches, I’m delighted to be here with all friends around the world who are caring about and supporting the Military World Games. Next, let me report on the progress of preparations for the 7th CISM World Games.

The CISM World Games is the highest-level world-wide multi-sports event for military participants organized by the International Military Sports Council (CISM). Known as the “Military Olympics”, the CISM World Games takes place every four years and lasts 7-10 days. At the 70th CISM General Assembly on May 21, 2015, China was awarded the right to host the 7th CISM World Games. and Wuhan was entrusted to be the host city.

The 7th CISM World Games will be held in Wuhan, Hubei province from October 18 to October 27 in 2019, with 25 sports and 2 demonstration sports, covering over 320 disciplines. During the Games, about ten thousand athletes from more than 100 countries will gather in the beautiful city-Wuhan, to witness the grand event.

Since the successful bidding of the 7th CISM World Games, we have strictly followed the guideline of “green environment, inclusive to all, open and clean Games” required by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the “Four World-Class” targets proposed by the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee in the Games preparation. In compliance with the Olympic standards, military spirit and sportsmanship, we have been going all out to push forward the work of venue construction, all-round environment improvement and competition organization, achieving solid progress in the Games preparation. The CISM and President Piccirillo have spoken highly of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Games preparation.

We have been constructing venues in accordance with top standards, thus laying the foundation for high quality and modernization. We take initiative to refer to internationally advanced standards in the venue construction work, which has been strictly controlled to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. Up to now, out of the 35 venue construction projects, 10 are ready with preliminary conditions for operation of the Games, 19 will be completed within this year, and 6 will be ready before the end of April next year. After the Games, all the venues can continue to serve as not only competition venues for elite international sporting events but also venues for professional training, educational courses, national defense education, and public sports.

We have been improving the city environment in accordance with top quality, thus enhancing the citizens’ sense of gain and happiness. A city-wide campaign to “Welcome the 7th CISM World Games, Build New Environment, and Be a Good Host” has been launched. Integrating “game hosting” with “city building”, we have established a City Action Headquarters to comprehensively improve the environment for the sides of “terminals, routes, construction sites, railways, rivers and lakes” around the city, thus achieving “clean roads, beautiful façade, bright landscapes, purified water, and green ecology”, enhancing the city’s comprehensive functional quality and living environment, in a bid to present to the world a beautiful Wuhan with blue sky, clear water and clean soil. Wuhan citizens have been witnessing the changes in the city and benefiting from the preparations for the 7th CISM World Games.

We have been implementing game organizations in accordance with top standards, thus achieving preparations appreciated by all parties. We have issued the 7th CISM World Games Invitation & Regulations to 138 countries all over the world. We have established 39 competition management committees with their key staffs in place. We have also signed and concluded Conventions of Collaboration (COCs) for 12 sports including parachuting with CISM Sports Committees; standards for preparations of the 7th CISM World Games approved by all related parties have been formulated. Meanwhile, we are focusing on the negotiations concerning 15 competition sports, and will sign and conclude Conventions of Collaboration (COCs) for such competition sports soon. We have prepared general requirements for game function rooms, game equipment lists, and standards for anti-doping control.

We have been promoting the 7th CISM World Games with top creativity, thus enhancing the publicity of the Games. We plan to stage the opening and closing ceremonies embodied with Chinese culture, military elements and Hubei characteristics. We organize military and civilian cultural and sports events such as Army Chorus and Urban Orienteering. We establish weekly press release system, operate the 7th CISM WG website along with Microblog, WeChat, and APP at a steady pace, release the theme songs of the 7th CISM World Games, and promote the 7th CISM World Games via mainstream media and social platforms at home and abroad, in order to promote the publicity and significance of the 7th CISM World Games.

We have been providing services in accordance with top quality, thus making all participants come, compete, and feel at home. At present, we have improved the work system of international relations and the work program of foreign language services, selected the hotels to be used by international dignitaries, and established accreditation center. We are implementing the city safety and games security; we have set up command organizations for the security of the city, competition areas and venues to create an intelligent security system. Our volunteer recruitment also goes well; we have recruited 11,000 volunteers for the Games and picked out 20 volunteer ambassadors. We accelerate the construction of Athletes’ Village; we have prepared function layout and preliminary operation plan, and formed a backbone team for operation services.

We will witness the result of the 7th CISM World Games next year. Therefore, in order to achieve great success of the 7th CISM World Games, we will, in accordance with meticulous and top standards, continue to enhance the city’s comprehensive functional quality and living environment, and implement all preparations based on high standards, high efficiency and high quality.

Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen,

“Sports fosters friendship and the military men bring peace!” We will remain committed to the CISM principle and bring together the force of world peace, to deliver an edition of CISM World Games that features the Chinese style, charm of Hubei and flavor of Wuhan, presenting to the world a fantastic, extraordinary and excellent sports gala.

Let’s meet in Wuhan next year for “Military Glory and World Peace”. Thank you!

Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang: Thank you, Secretary Chen. Now please watch the cartoon video clip of the 7th CISM World Games.

Now the floor is open for questions. Questions concerning the preparation of the military sport teams will be answered by Senior Colonel Jia Shijian, while questions concerning the preparation of the 7th CISM World Games will be answered by Secretary Chen Ruifeng. Please introduce your news organizations and point out which spokesperson to ask before you ask questions.

Question: I am from People’s Daily. I have a question for Mr. Chen. You just mentioned that the hosting of the Military Games would be combined with the construction of the city. At the one-year countdown celebration of the 7th CISM World Games approaches, what measures have Wuhan, the host city, taken to improve its environment as part of the preparation for the CISM World Games? And are these measures effective? Please brief us on this.

Answer: To host an international event is also an opportunity to revitalize a city. This is the experience of the SCO summit in Qingdao and it is also our goal. We would like to combine the Games’ preparation with city building. We will set the highest standard to improve the comprehensive environmental management in the city.

First, launch a citywide action plan. A city action commanding center has been set up with the mayor as its commander-in-chief. The chiefs of Party branches and government departments from different districts of the city are also on board. We would like to mobilize the resources of the whole city to improve the environment. To be specific, we have launched a campaign called ‘Cleaning Homeland to Welcome the Military Games’, and through this campaign, we aim to promote civility in the city. We would like to encourage citizens to start from the trivial things to promote the civility in the citizens and also to promote a good image of Wuhan City.

Second, be a benchmark of the first-class standard. We have learned from the experience of the Beijing Olympics, the Hangzhou G20 Summit, the BRICS Summit (Xiamen), the SCO Summit (Qingdao) in comprehensive management of city environment. We have also worked out the designing and guideline of the plans. For example, we have mapped out the plans of ‘One Road, One Policy’ and the list of tasks to improve the city environment. With meticulous design and great efforts, we strive to transform the city of Wuhan into a more beautiful city.

Third, promote citywide environment management. There will be a comprehensive plan and besides a master plan, we also have some highlights and focuses. We focus on the 88 points, 221 routes and 20 demonstration districts. The actions will be extended to every street, every community and every village to achieve all-round improvement of the environment. Our timeline will be as the following: the plan of comprehensive environment management will be largely completed by the end of the year of 2018. The consolidation work will be completed by the end of August of 2019. And after that, the top-standard management will be normalized.

By now, the green space project of the major routes has been completed and we have also achieved initial results in road surface and building façade improvement. The citizens have been mobilized in the action to clean the old communities and small lanes and streets. The notion of green and cost-efficient Games have been deeply rooted in people’s mind.

Question: I am from Xinhua News Agency. My question goes to Senior Colonel Jia Shijiang. I’d like to know the considerations of Chinese military to bid for the 7th CISM Military World Games. Thank you.

Answer: The CISM Military World Games was established by CISM in 1995 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the victory of the World's Anti-Fascist War. Its basic ethic is to transmit friendship through sports and its core value is to pursue peace. As we all know, China is the oriental main theater of the World's Anti-Fascist War, in which the Chinese people suffered a lot and knew the pain full well. Thus, they have an abiding pursuit and great eagerness for peace. It is of special significance to host the 7th CISM Military World Game in the year of the 70th anniversary of China. For one thing, as one of the members of the CISM, we have responsibility and obligation to actively bid for and host the Games, and fulfill the basic ethic and core value of the Game. For another, by organizing the Military World Game, we aim to demonstrate the strong commitment and determination of the Chinese government, Chinese military and Chinese people to love, pursue and safeguard peace, and to contribute to the promotion of international military sport, world peace and the human community with shared future. In addition, we also hope to take this opportunity to show the great achievements of the construction and development in 40 years’ reform and opening-up, to spread splendid Chinese culture of long history and to gain more understanding and support from the world.

Question: I am from the Military Channel of CCTV. My question goes to Mr. Chen. You’ve talked about the notion of green Games. How has the notion of green Games been carried out by all the preparation work for the Wuhan Military World Games?

Answer: As you know that eco-friendly and green development are also the guidelines for the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Green is also one of the prioritized guidelines for the preparation of the Military World Games. We aim to integrate great philosophy into the whole process of the Games preparation, organization and post-Games utilization. We want to have green as one of the labels of the 7th Military World Games.

First of all, we stick to the Games preparations with green development and frugality. The venue construction has been followed by the following principles: no impact on the coastline of the lakes, low emission and zero pollution. It also follows the green building design requirements to make sure that the soil, land, water, energy and materials can be saved. We all pay great attention to protecting the environment during the development of the market, procurement, logistics, accommodation, catering and large-scale activities, and control energy and resource consumption to minimize damage to the environment and ecosystem.

The second is to strengthen the construction of environmental protection. We hold the Military World Games as an opportunity to carry out three “campaigns” in the whole city: protecting the blue sky, clear water and pure land. We comprehensively improve the ecological environment quality, focus on the governance of pollution by industry, motor vehicles, dust and coal pollution, and ensure the rate of the good air quality prior to the Military World Games to be above 70%. By implementing the “one water, one policy” strategy, we strive to complete improving water quality in urban built-up areas prior to the Military World Games. We will identify soil pollution base, establish a negative list for land use, and carry out intensive action to prevent and control soil pollution.

Third, we have worked hard to raise people's awareness of environmental protection. We have launched a campaign to welcome Military World Games, deliver civilization, and build up new spirit in the city. In this activity, we will popularize the green production and life styles and the green environmental protection concept to the whole society, so that green environmental protection will become the consciousness of thought and action of the general public.

Question: I am from PLA Daily. My question goes to senior colonel Jia. As the host team, what is the specific target for the Chinese army to participate in the 7th World Military Games?

Answer: This is a concern for many sports fans. As we all know, the Military World Games are the Olympic Games for the military. It is platform for the armies from different countries to demonstrate their skills and images, and enhance friendly exchanges.

To host the 7th World Military Games we have three main considerations. The first is to promote the development of the construction of the Chinese army by compete and exchange with military athletes from different counties and introduce the advance concepts and experience. The second is to showcase the new look of the Chinese army to the world through our military athletes’ hard work on the competition field to win the medals. The third is to gather a great force which loves peace and realize the vision of “sport transmit friendship” through the sports competitions and indepth communication between the armies from different countries, and also let the world better understand the Chinese army and the Chinese soldiers.

The overall target of army’s participation: in terms of participating scale, we aim to take part in all the other 26 competition items except golf. It is estimated that there are more than 400 athletes, which is the most ever. In terms of competition performance, Chinese military ranked the top three in the medal table for the past years, and we won 38 medals in the 4th World Military Games in 2017, which is the best in previous competitions. We have the confidence, determination and ability to have a still better performance and make achievements in both competition score and moral qualities.

Queation: I am from Yangzi River Daily. Would you please brief us on the overall preparation plan of the PLA for participating in the Games and its current progress?

Answer: You might have noticed that, in June this year, we organized an oath-taking ceremony and mobilizing meeting in Beijing. And on this meeting, we mapped out the timeline with the opening ceremony of the Games as the deadline. Accordingly, a training plan was designed with calculated focus, systematic training schedule and scientific rhythm control to maximize the efficiency of training in a limited time. To be specific, the training will be divided in five stages. During the first stage, the foundation stage, we are going to work out the plan and select military talents. We will carry out the physical capability and techniques and tactics training to lay a solid foundation with basic abilities of competition and tactics.

The second stage is the improvement stage, in which we will tackle some of the technical and tactical difficulties and increase training intensity. We will consolidate of strengths and make up for our weaknesses so as to improve our comprehensive capabilities. The third stage is the test stage, in which we are going to carry out joint training and drills, organize simulations to test the effectiveness of the trainings and prepare the athletes psychologically. The fourth stage is the final sprint stage, in which we are going to focus on the abilities to win gold medals. A competition strategy and emergency plan that are efficient and practical will be in place to improve our ability to win gold medals.

The last stage is the stage to keep in best shape, in which we are going to carry out targeted coaching and have logistics service in place so that our teams will be in the best shape to compete. By now, the first stage has been completed, and the teams for different subjects are carrying out training for the Games according to plan.

Question: I’m from China Sports Daily and my question goes to Secretary Chen. What professional media service can the organizing side provide for interviews and reports in this Game which attracts worldwide attention from the media?

Answer: News and publicity are always important to the success of large-scale events and we pay high attention to the media services and will provide efficient and professional knight media services to the media friends.

To be more specific, there are three features of our media services. The first is complete hardware equipment. We built a main media center covering 43 thousand and 900 square meters near the main field of the Games, Wuhan Sports Center media center, and set up main press center (MPC) and international broadcast center (IBC) inside the media center. And there will have free fast cable and wireless connections for authorized users in each venue, main media center and Military Sports Village. Wuhan is one of the pilot cities for applying 5G communication technology and we will first apply 5G communication technology in the main media center during the Games, and improve TV signal quality of important events by using 4K HDTV producing and broadcasting technology. These all will contribute to the guarantee of efficient communication in this Games.

The second is outstanding logistic service. We will provide well-equipped and convenient hotels around the main media center for the media friends. They can easily get to their interview places by shuttle bus or free public transport.

The third is the professional news information service. We set special information service sites in places like the Military Sports Village to provide local SIM card and relevant information services. In addition, professional, full and accurate event information and high-quality images and videos are also available for reporters from all around the world.

All in all, we will provide excellent services and support for reporters and guarantee their efforts in propagating images and extending influence of the Games.

Question: I’m a foreign reporter. The work on doping has always been an important part of preparations for major competitions. May I ask Colonel Jia Shijiang, what specific measures in anti-doping work will the Chinese military sports delegation take?

Answer: The games style is the ways of doing things, and the games discipline is the discipline of the military. The issue on games style and discipline and doping concerns national honor, national dignity and the military image, so it must meet political red lines and rigid requirements. Our attitude towards the doping issue is consistent and clear, that is, we insist on zero tolerance, zero error and no one can touch the doping issue. I just reiterate that again: our military delegation only wants the clean medal, and we never want any gold medal related with doping. At the beginning of establishing the military sports training center, we’ve made it clear that doping is an untouchable red line. Any doping issue will be punished according to the national Anti-doping Regulations and regulations of the General Administration of Sport of China. At the same time, the parties involved, relevant responsible people and the major leaders of their working units will be given administrative and disciplinary punishment according to the military Discipline Regulations. Before the competition, we will also organize strict self-examination of doping. Once problems are found, the participants will be disqualified.

Question: I’m from Hubei Daily. My question goes to Mr. Chen. We all know that there will be many breakthroughs of the 7th Military World Games, such as the first concentrated construction of athlete villages. What kind of services will be provided in the athlete village?

Answer: Since China won the bid in May 2015, we have created three “first”: the first to hold all the competition items in one city, the first to build military athlete village, and the first to set the most competition items.

During the preparation process, we actively learned from the experience of the Olympic Games, Asian Games and other large-scale multi-sports events, and also combined with the features of the Military World Games to promote the construction and operation of the military athlete village.

In terms of operational security, we implement partition management and hierarchical safeguard in the military athlete village, use modern technology and equipment and establish a complete security system to ensure absolute security in the military athlete villages.

In terms of habitability, we implement hotel star-rating standard service, and the average living space per person during the Games will be determined by the Olympic standard.

In terms of the functionality, we will provide accommodation, catering, entertainment, business, medical care, transportation and other all-round services.

In terms of the intelligence of service, we will use Internet technology to integrate various service elements and build an intelligent management platform to ensure the intelligent linkage of transportation, accommodation, catering, concierge and other services within the village.

In terms of environment, military athlete village is built close to the lake. It has an ecological shoreline of 2,700 meters, highlighting six elements of mountain, water, forest, field, lake and grass to create a livable community by the lake.

In terms of traffic, we will provide dedicated car and shuttle bus services according to the competition schedule, and it will take about 30 minutes to arrive at each competition venue. The subway will set up military athlete village station specially to facilitate the travel of athletes, coaches and staff from different countries.

Queation: I’m from China News Service. Every international event will improve the quality of the host city and what legacies do you think will the Military Games leave to the city of Wuhan?

Answer: The hosting of the Military Games will bring changes and leave legacies to the city of Wuhan in a comprehensive way. As for the cultural legacies, I would like to talk about three aspects:

First, it will promote the civility of the city. In the preparation of the Games, we made great efforts to improve the environment in the city, organized the activity of cleaning our homeland to welcome the Military Games and we also carried out the activities to welcome the Games, uphold civility and form fine life styles. We, with the notion of holding the Military Games to bring long-term benefits to the civilians, strive to strengthen the construction of urban facilities, improve urban management and promote civility among citizens and guide the citizens to live a green and ecological life and form refined and healthy habits so as to greatly improve the quality and civility of the city as well as its citizens.

Second, it will improve the city’s level of opening up to the outside world. A big international event is also a high-standard diplomatic event. Through hosting the Military Games, we can show the achievements, the image and the culture of Wuhan city so as to make the city better known and more influential. It will enable the city to be better involved in the world and better known by the world. The Military Games was set up to celebrate peace. The theme of the Military Games to be held in China is ‘Sharing Friendship and Making Joint Efforts to Bring peace to the World’. Through this event championing peace, we will introduce China’s notion of peaceful development through different channels and in a dimensional way, expand the space for international cooperation and contribute the energy of the city of Wuhan to the construction of the human community of shared future.

Third,it will raise nationwide awareness of national defense. Wuhan is a city of major military deployment and it is also a city with the fine tradition of supporting the military. One marked feature of the Military Games to be held in China is the cooperation and coordination between the military and the civilian. The Games, co-hosted by the military and the civilian, will contribute to spreading the fine tradition of the military loving the civilian and the civilian supporting the military and consolidating the close ties between the military and the government and the civilian. It strengthens the nationwide education of national defense and makes it the ideological consensus and voluntary action of the whole nation to care about national defense, be enthusiastic about national defense and contribute to the construction of national defense.

The Military Games to be held in Wuhan will bring more cultural legacies to the city. We will summarize the experience of the preparation and holding of the Military Games to provide strong spiritual strength for Wuhan city to learn and carry out the spirit of the important talks by President Xi Jinping in Hubei province and to achieve its high-quality development.

Question: I’m from SETV, and I have a question for Senior Colonel Jia Shijiang. Are there any new subjects in this Games and which subjects better epitomize the features of soldiers’ actual combat training?

Answer: New subjects in the Games include table tennis, badminton and gymnastics, etc. The Military Sports Games are different from the traditional Olympic Games and the Asia Games; it includes the military pentathlon, naval pentathlon, aeronautical pentathlon, and parachuting sports, which prominently characterize the features of soldiers’ actual combat training, reflect military accomplishments of soldiers of different countries to a certain extent and are mostly valued by the CISM and participating members, even though shooting, archery and fighting sports are also with military subjects. For the moment the Chinese military are making earnest preparation for those four subjects and we are confident of winning honors with excellent performance in the Games next year.

Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang: So much for today’s Question & Answer section. Here we again cordially invite the 138 member states of the CISM to send delegations to China to compete in the Games. We also welcome other countries to send observers as well as media from various countries to China to cover the events.

China will practise the motto of the CISM “Friendship through Sport”, focus on the theme of “sharing friendships and promoting peace”, and will promote sport activities between armored forces as a mean to foster world peace, so as to present to the world a fantastic sport event and write a new chapter for the CISM development and contribute to the shared future of mankind.

Here concludes today’s press conference. Thank you very much!