The Central Military Commission(CMC) takes charge of the overall administration of China's armed forces. It has 15 functional sections including seven departments (offices), three commissions and five directly affiliated bodies.

China's Central Military Commission (CMC) takes charge of the overall administration of China's armed forces, and it has 15 subordinated departments.

General Office

It processes all CMC communications and documents, coordinate meetings, and convey orders and directives to other CMC subordinate functional sections.

Joint Staff Department

Main duties of the CMC Joint Staff Department include carrying out combat planning, command control and combat command support, studying and formulating military strategy and requirements, organizing combat capability assessment, organizing and instructing joint training, construction of combat readiness and routine war preparedness work.

Political Work Department

It is mainly responsible for the Chinese military's Party construction, organization, political education and human resources management. The Party construction is the foundation and cornerstone of all Chinese military work, and the political work is the lifeline of Chinese military.

Logistic Support Department

It is mainly responsible for planning the logistic support for the whole military, policy study, standards setting, inspection and supervision.

Equipment Development Department

It is mainly responsible for development and planning, R&D, testing and authentication, procurement management and information system construction for the whole military's equipment.

Training and Administration Department

It is conducive to strengthening the centralized planning, organization and leadership of the training across the military and enhancing the management of troops and military academies, so that military training and troop management can be closely combined, and the PLA can better push for realistic training and rigorous military governance in accordance with the law.

National Defense Mobilization Department

It is responsible for organizing and instructing the national defense mobilization and the construction of reserve forces, and leading and managing the provincial military commands, and it is conducive to intensifying the strategic organization and leadership in those aspects and is a significant step for building the national defense mobilization system with Chinese characteristics.

Discipline Inspection Commission

It sends teams to CMC departments and theater commands for discipline inspection and supervision, so as to implement the commission's dual leadership system and enhance the independence and authority of discipline inspection and supervision.

Politics and Law Commission

It can help intensify the CMC's leadership of the military's political and legal work, deepen the rigorous military governance in accordance with the law, give larger play to the politics and law department, prevent, investigate and deal with criminal activities, and keep the troops pure and consolidated.

Science and Technology Commission

It is aimed for strengthening the strategic management of national defense science and technology, promoting independent innovation in that area, and pushing for the integrated development of military and civilian science and technology.

Office for Strategic Planning

Forming the CMC Office for Strategic Planning and improving the strategic planning system and mechanism for the whole military are conducive to enhancing the CMC's role in strategic management, reinforcing the centralized management of the military's strategic planning, and improving the quality and benefit of national defense and military construction.

Office for Reform and Organizational Structure

It is mainly responsible for planning and coordinating the reform on national defense and military, guiding and pushing for the implementation of major reforms, and taking charge of the organizational structure management of the whole military.

Office for International Military Cooperation

It is mainly responsible for foreign military exchanges and cooperation, and for managing and coordinating the foreign affairs work of the whole military.

Audit Office

It is mainly responsible for military audit and supervision, organizing and guiding the audit of the whole military.

Agency for Offices Administration

It takes overall charge of the management and support for the CMC organ and the CMC's subordinate departments and units.