Chinese naval frigate escorts merchant ship of UNWFP

Source:China Military Online Editor:Zhang Tao 2018-02-05

The guided-missile frigate Yancheng (Hull 546) escorts the merchant ship SELIN-M (R). (Photo by Zhu Linlin)

GULF OF ADEN, Feb. 5 (ChinaMil) –The guided-missile frigate Yancheng (Hull 546) of the 28th Chinese naval escort taskforce set out in west waters off the Gulf of Aden on a mission to escort SELIN-M, a merchant ship transporting humanitarian supplies for the United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP), at 9 am on Feb. 2, local time.

The SELIN-M set sail on Jan. 30 from the Port of Sudan in the Republic of the Sudan for the Port of Mombasa in the Republic of Kenya through the Gulf of Aden and waters off Somali.

The joint maritime command center of the European Union (EU) sent an escort request to the international escort forces in the Gulf of Aden on Jan. 25.

The 28th Chinese naval escort taskforce immediately adjusted their work plans and decided to send the frigate Yancheng to escort SELIN-M.

After that, concerning the low freeboard, slow speed and long-term escort requirements of the SELIN-M, the Chinese naval escort taskforce assessed marine conditions and pirate activities, improved operation plans and emergency measures, and strengthened targeted training to ensure successful completion of the escort mission.

Providing escort mission for the UNWFP is a special operation of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy to fulfill international humanitarian obligations and demonstrate the image of a responsible major power.