China, Vietnam wrap up 32nd joint patrol in Beibu Gulf

Source:China Military Online Editor:Li Wei 2022-06-24 16:30:42

The Chinese and Vietnamese naval ships are seen in the joint patrol in Beibu Gulf on June 22, 2022. (Photo by Zhang Bin)

By Zhang Bin and Li Wei

BEIJING, June 24 -- The Chinese and Vietnamese naval forces successfully completed the 32nd joint patrol mission in Beibu Gulf on June 23. The joint patrol played a positive role in maintaining the security and stability in this area and promoting the sound development of the relationship between the two militaries.

On June 22, the China-Vietnam joint patrol fleet with two naval vessels from each side began to patrol in the double line abreast formation along the China-Vietnam maritime boundary in the Beibu Gulf, during which they also conducted joint drills on the search and rescue, formation movement and light signal operations.

The joint patrol warships arrived at the terminal of the patrol voyage on June 23. They held a farewell ceremony, where both sides delivered see-off speeches, and soldiers manned the rails on the deck to bid farewell to each other by waving hands.

China-Vietnam joint patrol in the Beibu Gulf is the routine friendly exchange between the two militaries. It is designed to carry forward the traditional friendship and deepen mutual trust between the two countries, and further promote mutual understanding between the two navies. Since China and Vietnam signed the Agreement on Joint Patrols by the Navies of China and Vietnam in the Beibu Gulf in 2005, the two navies have conducted 32 joint patrols in the Beibu Gulf.