China's advance team for SCO "Peace Mission 2021" exercise arrives in Russia

Source:China Military Online Editor:Huang Panyue 2021-09-03 22:24:11

By Liu Min

ORENBURG, Sept. 3 -- A 19-member Chinese advance team participating in Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) "Peace Mission 2021" joint anti-terrorism military exercise arrived in Orenburg Oblast, Russia, via a Y-20 transport aircraft on September 2, local time.

The team will establish a mechanism with Russia to jointly survey the airports, transportation stations and exercise areas, carry out information docking, and coordinate the logistic support work.

It is learned that the "Peace Mission2021" exercise will kick off at the Donguz training range in Orenburg Oblast, Russia, from September 11 to 25. Four echelons of the Chinese participating troops have departed by railway in succession from the Manzhouli Port of Inner Mongolia in northern China and have completed their transfers and reloads at the Zabaikalsk railway station in Russia.