Greetings 2021! Beijing holds first flag-raising ceremony of new year

Source:CGTN.COM Editor:Chen Zhuo 2021-01-04 08:36:17

And right here in Beijing, China's flag was raised for the first time in the new year on Tiananmen Square. Let's recap that scene with CGTN's Wang Mengjie.

Thousands of residents, as well as travelers from across the country, gathered to watch the annual ceremony. Many arrived at two or three o'clock in the morning despite the freezing cold.

"I feel very proud to be here, attending the flag-raising ceremony on New Year's Day."

"I feel secure being here, and proud of being Chinese."

Today's flag was escorted by the Guard of Honor from the People's Liberation Army, a custom introduced in 2018. Before that, the ceremony was carried out by the People's Armed Police. The soldiers escorted the flag, marching 138 steps to the flagpole.

WANG MENGJIE Beijing "The ceremony is held every morning, but on important days like this, more guards, escorting the flag and conducting gun salute. A military band also played the national anthem, attracting a larger crowd on the very first day of 2021. Wang Mengjie, CGTN, Beijing."