7th Beijing College Wargaming Competition concludes

Source:China Military Online Editor:Wang Xinjuan 2020-12-08 18:05:19

By Li Chun

BEIJING, Dec. 8 -- The 7th Beijing College Wargaming Competition concluded on December 6. Two college students from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine won the championship after six days of competition.

This competition was endorsed by the Beijing Association for College National Defense Education and organized by the Tsinghua University. A total of 103 teams from 30 universities in Beijing participated in it by way of online.

According to Pan Xinmao, director of the competition and former researcher of the PLA Academy of Military Sciences, this year’s competition scenario was based on a military conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia broke out in Nagorno-Karabakh from Sep. 27 to Nov. 10. The specially developed wargaming system, consisting of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armed helicopters, drones, infantrymen and other forces, can be used for online back-to-back, or on-site face-to-face contests.

Since 2014, the Tsinghua University has hosted seven such consecutive competitions. "Interest is the best teacher," said Dong Zhi, an official in the Tsinghua University. Dong said that the introduction of wargames to the campus has been proved very meaningful, which turned out very popular among college students. "It helps deepen the national defense awareness and enhance the patriotism of the college students, and hones the students' capability to use tactics and pursue victory."

As a highlight of this competition, a military academy was invited to participate in an unofficial contest during the competition, in a bid to strengthen the communication between military and civilian academies. Dong Zhi said that those military cadets have strong military literacy, while civilian college students are good at flexible thinking. Being of the same age, contestants of both sides can learn from each other, effectively benifiting the cultivation of national defense talents.

The director team guides, supervises and comments on the competition. Photo by Li Chun.
The competition is in progress. Photo by Li Chun.
Participants are in the competition. Photo by Li Chun.