China's Ministry of Veterans Affairs holds press briefing on veterans support law

Source:China Military Online Editor:Wang Xinjuan 2020-11-27 16:56:59

By Yang Mingyue

BEIJING, November 27 -- China's Ministry of Veterans Affairs (MVA) held a press briefing on the veterans support law on November 25 to introduce its schedules concerning the welfare of veterans, including their transfer, settlement, education and training, employment, favorable policies, and relevant certificates for preferential treatment.

The law will come into effect on January 1, 2021. Regarding the implementation of relevant policies and regulations, Li Xiaohu, deputy director of MVA's Department of Policies and Regulations, mentioned that the publicity and implementation of the law will be enhanced. More efforts will be made to perfect the auxiliary regulations and policies, including those on the settlement, preferential treatment and compensation for retirees and their families, as well as other related documents, in a bid to build a more integrated system of veteran support.

It is learned that the MVA will also promote the transformation of veterans from military personnel to an important force of economic and social development. It will facilitate the retirees' job-hunting or business startups by fully implementing relevant policies, refining regulations, and providing targeted services.