Traditional Chinese medicine popular among UNIFIL peacekeepers in Lebanon

Source:China Military Online Editor:Li Jiayao 2020-11-18 17:05:31

LEBANON, Nov. 18 -- "Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is amazing. I want to learn TCM," said Sasha, a medical officer of the Serbian peacekeeping force to Lebanon, as he watched Chinese peacekeeping military doctors treat patients with TCM.

The Chinese peacekeeping hospital in Lebanon has a special department, namely the Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy of TCM, which showcases the characteristics and advantages of TCM and has received positive feedbacks from peacekeepers from all over the world in Lebanon.

Not long ago, a Serbian peacekeeper suffered from shoulder joint pain, and his pain was significantly reduced after receiving TCM treatment. In the meantime, Sasha, who accompanied the soldier to the hospital, became very interested in TCM rehabilitation physiotherapy. "I came with my buddy, to see your doctor solving the problem with just a few needles," said Sash excitedly.

He revisited the hospital many times to observe and study. The Chinese military doctors explained to him in detail the fundamental theories of the TCM meridian and taught him the skills of acupoint selection.

In the beginning, the patients of the department were mainly Spanish peacekeepers, most of whom had neck, shoulder and back pain, low back and leg pain, joint pain, or sports injuries. After only two or three times of TCM treatments, they felt obvious relief of pain. Efficacy is the only criterion for testing the level of treatment. The TCM department quickly became popular among all peacekeeping troops to Lebanon.

Spanish peacekeeper Alejandro has had pain and weakness in his right leg for five months. At the department, Chinese military doctors found that his right hip muscle was significantly atrophy and thus provided acupuncture and massage treatment.

After treatment, Alejandro was able to raise his leg easily. "It is so much better than before. Yesterday I ran seven kilometers, and now I only feel a little pain in my legs. TCM is really amazing!" he said.

In a thank-you letter to the Chinese peacekeeping hospital, a French peacekeeper said that he thanked the Chinese military doctors for curing his shoulder injury.

Li Xinshun, captain of the medical team of the 19th batch of Chinese peacekeeping force to Lebanon, is sure that TCM would make a difference and become a window to spread Chinese culture by providing medical services to peacekeepers from different countries and local people in Lebanon.