Chinese military achieves solid progress in strengthening civilian staff force

Source:China Military Online Editor:Chen Zhuo 2020-10-26 20:24:21

BEIJING, Oct.26 -- Recently, the shortlist of candidates who have passed the unified examinations of public recruitment of civilian personnel for the Chinese military in 2020 was released. Next, interviews will be held by the employing units as scheduled.

The Chinese military has strengthened its civilian staff force by recruiting professionals from the public, transferring officers on active service into civilian personnel and recruiting ex-service soldiers. The number of civilian staff in the Chinese military has been increasing and they have become an indispensable emerging human resource of the military.

Since the first public recruitment of civilian personnel in 2018, the number of examinees has increased year by year, from 140,000 at the beginning to 270,000 this year. Many of them are experts in various fields and elite graduates from universities.

This year, the employing units at all levels have increased the recruiting proportion of civilian personnel in expertise positions. For example, the National Defense Mobilization Department of the Central Military Commission offers more than 3,300 expertise positions for public recruitment, doubling the number of positions of this kind it offered in last year.

Besides, the Department also sets up some specific positions which require higher military skills and are urgently needed for combat readiness to recruit veteran soldiers.

The Army, the Air Force, the Joint Logistics Support Force and the Armed Police Force have also announced to increase the recruitment ratio of the civilian personnel with professional skills.

Apart from public recruitment, in the past three years, the Chinese military has witnessed more than 20,000 active-service cadres taking off their military uniforms and joining the contingent of civilian personnel, among them, more than 6,000 are third-class merits owners and more than 90% have bachelor's degree or above.