PLA General Hospital holds 5G remote consultations for NCP patients in Wuhan

Source:China Military Online Editor:Li Wei 2020-02-11 16:34:53

BEIJING, Feb. 11 --The Chinese PLA General Hospital (PLAGH) in Beijing and Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan held the first 5G real-time remote consultations on February 9.

According to Chen Liang’an, a professor at the Telemedicine Center of PLAGH, the remote consultation panel would make a joint decision based on each patient’s symptoms and then propose individual treatment suggestions.

To support the treatment of critical patients of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, the PLA General Hospital in Beijing fully exerted its technological advantages and specifically formed the remote consultation panel. The panel members came from twelve disciplines, including first aid, severe case, respiration, infection, disease control, cardiovascular disease, digestion, psychology, etc. Twenty first-rate experts, including academicians and chief physicians, took turns to be on duty around the clock.

It is reported that after receiving the assignment, the PLAGH immediately set about the remote consultation system connection with Huoshenshan Hospital, which officially came online on the morning of February 4after a week-long commissioning. The 5G remote consultation system enabled the experts at the Beijing-based hospital to provide real-time guidance and technical assistance for critical patients of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan.