Multinational officers watch the China-German "Combined Aid-2019" drill

Source:China Military Online Editor:Li Jiayao 2019-07-12 17:32:00

MUNICH, July 12 (ChinaMil) -- China-German joint paramedical military exercise “Combined Aid-2019” continued at Germany’s Feldkirchen Training Base on July 11. More than 80 officers from the US, Japan, Austria, France and representatives of German officers watched the exercise.

The joint exercise began at 9:00 local time. The Chinese and German participants cooperated in concert. Their swift, quick and effective actions provided a full demonstration of their ability to deal with non-conventional security challenges.

In the fictitious “refugee camp”, troops from both sides, in mixed grouping, coordinated on information collection, case diagnosing, risk assessment, sampling and screening, personnel control, health education, disinfection and sterilization, clinical treatment, medical protection and other all-factor prevention and control works.

In the simulated accident scene, both first-aid teams cooperated smoothly on injury assessment, first aid on the spot, and classification and evacuation of the injuries.

Back in the level Ⅱ field hospitals of China and Germany, the medical staff worked closely and effectively on further classification and evacuation of the injuries, clinical diagnosis and surgical treatment.

After the joint performance, the viewers toured the hospitals and equipment of China and Germany respectively, and exchanged views with the participants on their respective concerns.

An Austrian officer was very interested in the function and operation of Chinese gears. She said that China’s level Ⅱ field hospital was quick to build, simply to classify, and very practical. Medical equipment was highly integrated, especially the highly mobile sanitation and epidemic prevention vehicle, which integrated all kinds of equipment needed for sanitation and epidemic prevention.

During the joint performance, the rigorous organization and command, and the efficient capabilities of the Chinese and German participants impressed the viewers deeply. A French officer said that the participants were very professional, experienced in medical rescue, and the joint performances were outstanding. It can be seen that both sides have made great efforts to this end. This exercise proved that cooperation is a very effective way to not only improve the ability to carry out tasks, but also enhance mutual understanding and friendship.

“Through joint performance, the two sides could learn from each other, which would play a positive role in improving the level of medical security,” said Senior Colonel Lu Jian, a member of the Chinese steering group and official with the Health Bureau under the Logistic Support Department of China’s Central Military Commission (CMC). “With the same concept and pragmatic and sincere attitude, Chinese-German medical service cooperation will surely deepen and achieve more outstanding results.”