Chinese Ministry of Veterans Affairs launches online petition system

Source:China Military Online Editor:Chen Zhuo 2018-09-03

Webpage screenshot

BEIJING, Sep. 3 (ChinaMil) -- The official website of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) announced on September 1 that its online petition system and two site columns“Minister’s Mailbox” and “Discipline Inspection, Supervision, and Report”were put into trial operation. “The Chinese veterans and other public members can directly express their demands, offer advice and report situation through the internet,” said the announcement on the website.

According to the announcement, the online petition system provides an easier access for Chinese veterans to express demands, and its processing procedure is the same as the personal visit and sending letters.

The “Minister’s Mailbox” column is designed to receive public opinions and suggestions on the work of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, and the “Discipline Inspection, Supervision, and Report” column is intended to accept accusations against the party organizations and party members of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs who violate the disciplinary behavior of the Communist Party of China, and against the targets of supervision who are suspected of any duty-related violation, said the website.

The website stressed in its announcement that both as an important bridge to link the veterans and an important information platform to perform duties, the official website of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs will continue to optimize its interactive columns and build a “through train” to communicate with the veterans, in an effort to ensure the smooth online information accessand keep increasing transparency in the work related to veterans.