Fiji prime minister highly praises hospital ship Peace Ark's second visit

Source:China Military Online Editor:Yao Jianing 2018-08-07

Fiji Prime Minister Hon. Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama visits a child patient hospitalized in a ward of the Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark (Hull 866) on August 4. (Photo by Jiang Shan)

By Jiang Shan and Shi Kuiji

FIJI, August 7 (ChinaMil) -- Fiji Prime Minister Hon. Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama boarded the Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark (Hull 866) to visit medical staff and attend a deck reception on August 6. He highly praised Peace Ark’s second visit to Fiji and its free medical services to the Fijian people, adding that this move has further deepened the traditional friendship between the two peoples and has demonstrated to the world the friendly relationship between the two countries.

Peace Ark was fully dressed with flags and lights on the evening of August 6. Accompanied by the Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo and commander of the “Harmonious Mission 2018”, Prime Minister Bainimarama inspected the sailor honor guards and expressed greetings to everyone on board.

Prime Minister Bainimarama said, "Peace Ark’s second visit has caught public attention in Fiji over the past few days. One can tell from people’s enthusiasm and smiling faces that the public welcomes Peace Ark and is grateful to the Chinese government and the Chinese navy." He expressed that Peace Ark’s second visit reflects the fruitful cooperation between the two countries and the two militaries and hoped to raise the strategic partnership based on mutual respect and common development to a new high.

Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo said in a speech at the deck reception, "Peace Ark is a professional medical vessel designed and built independently by China, and shoulders the special missions of maintaining peace and saving lives. This is the seventh time for Peace Ark to carry out harmonious mission and the second time for it to visit Fiji after its first successful visit four years ago. This journey of friendship and peace is a concrete practice of the Chinese military to actively carry forward the international humanitarian spirit, promote the ideas of peace, development, cooperation, and win-win, and build a community of shared future for mankind with other countries of the world.

Prime Minister Bainimarama boarded the ship on August 4-5 to visit local citizens who were seeking diagnose and treatment and met on August 3 in the Prime Minister’s Office with the commander of China's “Harmonious Mission 2018” and his party. He expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Peace Ark for its second visit.

As at 16:00 local time on August 6, Peace Ark had diagnosed and treated 4,914 person times, completed 2,533 assistant examinations, admitted 25 patients to the hospital, and performed 22 operations. At the same time, the military medical staff of the two countries also carried out joint medical treatment, joint medical itinerant visits, cultural exchanges, sports games, and other activities.

Fiji Prime Minister Hon. Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama visits local citizens who are seeking medical treatment aboard the Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark (Hull 866) on August 5. (Photo by Jiang Shan)

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