Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment wins UNMISS Green Camp title

Source:China Military Online Editor:Huang Panyue 2018-03-07

WAU, SOUTH SUDAN, March 7 (ChinaMil) -- The 8th Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment to South Sudan (Wau) passed the annual Green Camp assessment of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) on Monday.

The Green Camp assessment is conducted by the Engineering Department of the UNMISS on the environmental conditions of the camp zones of the UNMISS peacekeeping forces from different countries, which is designed to maintain the ecological environment and prevent the occurrence and spreading of epidemics in the mission areas.

The UNMISS team carried out a comprehensive inspection of 40 assessment items in 7 categories including water and wastewater treatment methods, general solid waste and hazardous waste management, energy efficiency, natural resource management, and environmental protection publicity.

The UNMISS team spoke highly of the garbage transfer station, composting yards, grease separators and other facilities constructed by Chinese peacekeepers, saying the Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment has set up a good example for the UNMISS peacekeeping forces.

The 63-member 8th Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment to South Sudan arrived at the mission area on Sept. 22, 2017. The detachment is responsible for providing basic health care services to all UN staff working in the mission area, treatment of common diseases and infectious diseases, and performing other medical tasks as required.