7th CISM Military World Games Press Conference

Source:Ministry of National Defense Editor:Zhang Tao 2017-11-27

Time: 10:30 AM -12:05 PM, Nov. 24, 2017

Location: East Lake (Donghu) International Convention Center, Wuhan city, Hubei province, China


Sen. Col. Wu Qian, Director of the Information Office of China's Ministry of National Defense (MND) and Spokesperson of the MND

Abdulhakeem Al-Shino, CISM President

Dorah Mamby Koita, CISM Secretary General

Senior Colonel Jia Shijiang, Military Spokesperson of the Executive Committee of the 7th CISM Military World Games

Liu Yingzi, Civilian Spokesperson of the Executive Committee of the 7th CISM Military World Games

The photo features the scene of the 7th CISM Military World Games Press Conference. (mod.gov.cn/Photo by Li Aiming)

Sen. Col. Wu Qian:

Dear friends from the media, good morning. Welcome to attend the 7th CISM Military World Games Press Conference.

Before the conference, please allow me to introduce the spokespersons on the stage: Mr Abdulhakeem Al-Shino, President of the CISM; Mr Dorah Mam Koita, Secretary General of the CISM; Senior Colonel Jia Shijiang, Deputy Director General and Deputy Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the 7th CISM Military World Games and the military spokesperson; Ms Liu Yingzi, Vice Mayor of Wuhan City, Deputy Director General and Deputy Secretary General and Civilian Spokesperson of the Executive Committee of the 7th CISM Military World Games.

I am Sen. Col. Wu Qian, Director of the Information Office of China's Ministry of National Defense and spokesperson of the MND.

As approved by President Xi Jinping, the Chinese military applied to the CISM in February 2015 for hosting the 7th CISM Military World Games in 2019. In May of the same year, the CISM held the 70th General Assembly & Congress, making the decision that China should be the host country and China's Wuhan city will host the 7th CISM World Summer Games in 2019.

In January 2017, as approved by President Xi Jinping, the organizing committee of the 7th CISM Military World Games was established. A vice premier of China's State Council and a vice chairman of China's Central Military Committee shall be the chairmen of the organizing committee. An executive committee shall be established under the organizing committee to take charge of the specific organization and implementation of the preparatory work for the 7th CISM Military World Games in Wuhan and the daily work of the organizing committee.

According to the consensuses reached by all parties, the 7th CISM Military World Games in Wuhan will be held for 10 days from October 18 to 27 in 2019. There will be totally 27 sports such as shooting, swimming, track & field and basketball and 329 events. Among them, aeronautical pentathlon, military pentathlon, naval pentathlon, orienteering and parachuting are five sports with military characteristics, and others are Olympic sports.

We sincerely invite militaries of the CISM member nations to send delegations to participate in the Games in China. We sincerely invite non-member countries to send personnel to watch the Games in China. We sincerely invite media from all over the world to cover the Games in China.

Focusing on the games theme of "Share Friendship, Promote Peace", we will strive to practice "Friendship Through Sports", the motto of CISM, and work hard to make the7th CISM Military World Games a peaceful gathering where military members of various countries can learn from each other and get to know each other, as well as a grand international gathering where militaries of various countries can exchange military concepts and military culture.

We will try to leave every participating military member a heroic memory of competing with their peers from various countries in the military career and allow every outstanding military member to leave a beautiful and young striving figure in Wuhan, China.

We sincerely hope that through the Games in Wuhan, military members of various countries can gather in China and approach the Chinese military to witness the great achievements of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the unremitting efforts of Chinese military members in pursuing peace.

We also sincerely hope that through the Games in Wuhan, China can make its own contributions to promoting the development of CISM and building the community of common destiny for all human kind.

You may ask questions now. Please announce your agency first and specify to whom the question is asked. Let's begin.

Senior Colonel Wu Qian, spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense (MND) of the People's Republic of China (PRC), answers reporters' questions at the 7th CISM Military World Games Press Conference in Wuhan on Nov.24, 2017.(mod.gov.cn/Photo by Li Aiming)

Question: I'm from CCTV. My question is to CISM President. Why did the CISM decide to hold the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan, China? How would you comment on China's preparations since Wuhan became the host city in 2015? What are your expectations for China since this is the first time that it holds this event?

Mr Abdulhakeem Al-Shino, President of the CISM: This is an important question. I think China is a great country and I believe it is capable of holding this event. Wuhan has met all requirements for holding a high-level sports event and has shown strong wish for cooperation, passion and expectation when preparing for it. Wuhan has held high-level sports event many times in the past and has rich experience in this aspect. The Wuhan people love sports and there is a good atmosphere for sports in the city. We believe Wuhan will present a perfect Military World Games in 2019. Moreover, with geological advantages, Wuhan is both a metropolis and an important military city in China. All in all, it meets all our standards.

In the meantime, we were surprised when conducting the evaluation because Wuhan has made tremendous progress in such a short time. This reflects the strenuous efforts made by the Wuhan government and the strong support provided by Wuhan residents. We believe the city of Wuhan will present a fabulous Military World Games. As a representative of CISM, I'm glad to see that all the ongoing projects have made progress and the preparations are well under way.

Question: I'm from Shenzhen TV. I'll ask a question about the volunteers to Vice Mayor Liu Yingzi. How many volunteers will be recruited for the 7th CISM Military World Games? Where do they come from and what's the personnel structure? We know that the volunteers will mainly serve the military athletes from different countries. What's special about the volunteer service this time compared with previous games? How should you to guarantee professional volunteer service?

Vice Mayor Liu Yingzi: Wuhan is a city of volunteers. It has millions of college students and its volunteer service had an extensive public foundation. We will recruit 50,000 volunteers for the Military World Games, including service members, members of mature volunteer organizations, college students in Wuhan, and international volunteers. We also have at least 200,000 city volunteers. The volunteer service for the Military World Games has three features - military-oriented, more professional and more trendy.

Being military is the biggest feature of the games, and the volunteers serving the military athletes will mostly come from troops and academies. We hope the non-military volunteers will have the spirit of soldiers too and be equally hard-working, capable and well disciplined.

The "more professional volunteer service" will be reflected in three ways. First, we will select the best volunteers majoring in related subjects and with urban volunteer experience. Second, we will conduct systematic training in the Military World Games, volunteer spirit and job skills. Third, we have had plenty of practices. Since 2016, all large-scale cultural and sports events in Wuhan were taken as practices in preparation for the Military World Games.

As to "more trendy", volunteer service isn't just a kind of dedication, but also a lifestyle pursued by young people. The slogan for volunteers of the Military World Games is "make volunteer a fashion". Our volunteer culture will have more trendy elements popular with the young people.

Senior Colonel Jia Shijiang, Military Spokesperson of the Executive Committee of the 7th CISM Military World Games, answers reporters' questions at the press conference in Wuhan on Nov.24, 2017.(mod.gov.cn/Photo by Li Aiming)

Question: I'm from Xinhua News Agency. My question is to Senior Colonel Jia Shijiang. We know that the Military World Games is reputed as the Olympic Games for soldiers, but the public isn't very familiar with it. I have two questions. What are the features of Military World Games? What's the biggest bright spot of the Wuhan Games since it is held in China for the first time?

Sen. Col. Jia Shijiang: I'm glad to answer your question, but before that, I would like to tell you something. Yesterday afternoon, my colleagues and I introduced the preparations for Wuhan Military World Games to CISM President Mr. Al-Shino and his colleagues, and he was pleased.

Mr. Al-Shino said the socialism with Chinese characteristics has come to a new era, so has the CISM by holding the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan, China. China is a great country, Wuhan is a great city. The CISM has shown full trust in the Chinese government and the city of Wuhan, and in return, they have given us great surprises.

The reporter just asked me how the Military World Games is different from the Olympic Games. To answer the question briefly, there are two differences.

First, the athletes are different. Athletes at the Military World Games are all in-service soldiers. This is the biggest difference. Second, the events are different. The Military World Games have both comprehensive Olympic events and special events for soldiers. The 7th Military World Games highlights the characteristics of the military, soldiers and CISM and include military sporting events that reflect the characteristics of service members, military training and actual combat, such as the air force pentathlon, military pentathlon, naval pentathlon, orienteering and parachuting.

The second question, will the Wuhan Military World Games be a fabulous sports meet with numerous highlights? The answer is yes. You will see at the games advanced and cool military equipment, characteristic military uniform, diverse dances and music, and famous sports stars. More importantly, you will personally feel that China, at its 70th birthday in 2019, will be standing in the eastern hemisphere with a new image; the Chinese military, reshaped through a massive reform, will be walking toward the world as a powerful and civilized force; and the river city of Wuhan, seizing every opportunity for innovative development, will be presenting itself to the world in a new look.

In sum, the 7th CISM Military World Games will be a grand gala of peace, friendship and joy and will bring you great cultural enjoyment.

Question: I'm from Defense Online APP. I want to ask Secretary General Koita how the Wuhan Military World Games will influence the world and China. How do you feel during your stay in China?

Secretary General Koita: First of all, the 7th CISM Military World Games will exert tremendous influence on China and Wuhan. We started communicating with the Wuhan government and relevant organizations a year ago. We are very satisfied with the current preparations made by the city. After Wuhan won the bid to hold the 7th CISM Military World Games, we've visited some venues and facilities either completed or under construction, and we are satisfied with the current conditions. We believe Wuhan will present a fabulous event to the world, and that's the purpose of the Military World Games.

Question: I am from Russian Today News Agency. I have a question for Senior Colonel Jia. In recent years, we all see the doping problems and doping scandals have a huge negative impact on almost all big international sport events. So, I am wondering that maybe you can tell us what anti-doping measures you are going to take to prevent doping problems for this Games.

Sen. Col. Jia Shijiang: I am very glad to answer this question. The CISM Military World Games is regarded as the Olympic Games of the military members, so it is our responsibility and obligation to maintain and provide a fair and clean competition environment. The Chinese government and military resolutely oppose the use of doping as always.

We will strictly implement the provisions of the World Anti-Doping Agency by adhering to the standards of zero tolerance, all coverage and no blind corner, and do well in the anti-doping work at the 7th CISM Military World Games in Wuhan in accordance with the requirements of CISM on doping control.

We promise that we will depend on the international-certified Beijing Anti-Doping Lab, and put more fund, more man power and better support to strengthen doping control.

We will elaborate thorough anti-doping working plan, scientifically set up doping detection point, properly increase the number of detection samples, and strengthen anti-doping publicity and education, so as to ensure a clean and clear Military World Games.

Vice Mayor Liu Yingzi, Civilian Spokesperson of the Executive Committee of the 7th CISM Military World Games, answers reporters' questions at the press conference in Wuhan on Nov.24, 2017.(mod.gov.cn/Photo by Li Aiming)

Question: I’m from the People’s Daily, and this question goes to Vice Mayor Liu Yingzi. What are the planning and layout of the venues for this Games? What are their characteristics? What are their current construction progress? When will those venues and facilities be put into use?

Vice Mayor Liu Yingzi: The planning and construction of venues and facilities are very important for the success of a sports event. As you know, all sporting events of the 7th CISM Military World Games will be held in Wuhan, so we formulated principle for the planning and construction of venues and facilities at the time of making preparations for the Games. That is, all the planning and construction of venues and facilities should not only meet the needs of the Games, provide convenience for the organization of the Games, but also highlight the green and ecologic concept, and realize sustainable use after the Games.

We have chosen 31 venues for the Games, among which, 10 are new and 21 are renovated existing venues. Those renovated venues are mostly belonged to the universities and troops. All the 31 venues are distributed into four areas of three towns in Wuhan, not only convenient for the traffic organization, easy for audiences to participate in, but also good for unified management.

About the construction progress of venues, 11 of the 31 venues have started, 20 have finished preliminary work. According to plan, 27 venues will be completed by the end of 2018, other 4 venues, namely the Athletes' Village, Main Media Center, main stadium of Wuhan Sports Center and Dongxihu Sports Center, will be finished by June of 2019.

Question: I'm from Southern Metropolis Daily. My question is to Senior Colonel Jia Shijiang. What events will be set up in the 7th CISM Military World Games? As the Olympic Games for soldiers, can you recommend some events that will be the biggest highlights?

Sen. Col. Jia Shijiang: Senior Colonel Wu Qian already gave an introduction about this, but I'll add something here. Based on the friendly consultation with the CISM, there will be 316 little events under 25 formal competition categories and other 13 little events under 2 performing categories, namely tennis and men's gymnastics.

The 25 formal competition categories are air force pentathlon, archery, basketball, boxing, cycling, equestrian, fencing, football, golf, judo, military pentathlon, naval pentathlon, modern pentathlon, orienteering, parachuting, sailing, shooting, swimming (including diving and water life saving), table tennis, taekwondo, track and field (including marathon), triathlon, volleyball (including beach volleyball), wrestling, and badminton. Among them, the air force pentathlon, military pentathlon, naval pentathlon, orienteering and parachuting are military events, while the rest are all Olympic events.

You asked which events will be the biggest highlights. Well, as far as I'm concerned, every event is wonderful and I hope you will have time to watch them all.

Question: I'm from Hubei TV. My question is to Vice Mayor Liu Yingzi. We know that the construction of venues for large-scale events is very costly, but many of the venues are running in the red after the event, which is a huge waste of resources. How does Wuhan plan to use the 31 venues after the Military World Games?

Vice Mayor Liu Yingzi: We strive to make the 7th CISM Military World Games a "green, shared, open and clean" event. When answering the question earlier, I said that the principle on venue planning and construction is to meet the event needs and facilitate after-event use, so we already considered the future use of the venues when planning them.

In the future, 27 of those venues will be able to undertake large international or domestic events independently, and since many of them belong to the colleges, they can be used for teaching and professional training and will also be open to the public for fitness programs.

I'll give you two examples. The media center will be renovated into a public indoor stadium for ice sports, the East Lake (Donghu) sailing venue will be a sailing sports center, and venues for military events will be used as bases for national defense education.

We also have equestrian and shooting events, and the venues for them will fill the blank in Wuhan's facilities for competitive sports and provide the residents with new experience. The recent World Fly-in Expo was held at the parachuting venue, which is the venue for the annual expo and will be the base for aviation sports in the future.

Sen. Col. Jia Shijiang: I want to add something. The venues built in military academies in Wuhan will not only serve as teaching labs for those academies after the games, but can also be used to hold military sports events. This is very helpful for improving the sports research capability of the military academies and enhancing the troops' combat capability.

Question: I am with the Yangzi River Daily. My question goes to CISM President Al-Shino. Thank you for your great compliments about Wuhan. We understand that the CISM Games to be held in Wuhan will host the most games in the history of CISM, and it is the first time for a single city to host such a world games. Do you have any specific suggestions for the preparation work by Wuhan?

CISM President Al-Shino: Thank you for this great question. No doubt before we came here to China, we have some recommendations. But after yesterday, the preparation presentation was done by Senior Colonel. We found that the whole requirement was available, was communicated. And no doubt more than our recommendations were proposed yesterday through the presentations. So we are very happy and satisfied about the whole preparation process, the mega-event. I’m sure that this mega event will be one of the best mega events in the life of CISM and in the military world. Just mentioned something very important for you that we have a great cooperation with China’s armed forces and Wuhan authorities. We did not face any difficulties or any challenges. All our requirements are to be done thoroughly, and of course we will give you our big hand of support to Wuhan authorities and Chinese armed forces. The great cooperation was fantastic.

I just have one recommendation and one request for the press. We want you all of you to share with us the peace and responsibility. Wuhan and CISM are going to send very important message to the entire world. Right now the world is not quite stable. So this is very important to share with us this responsibility, and to send clear message that the world needs peace. We need to bring friendship through sports. So this is your responsibility. And I trust you very much.

Question: I am with the CATV from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and my question goes to Vice Major Liu Yingzi. Vice Major, what are your suggestions or recommendations for visitors when they come to Wuhan in 2019 in addition to watching the CISM games?

Vice Major Liu Yingzi: I would like to briefly introduce to you the city of Wuhan, and my recommendations of the must-sees in this city.

Definitely the first place you have to visit is Yangtze River because Wuhan has the nickname, the “City of Rivers”. Here we have two rivers and three towns, so there are abundant water resources with numerous lakes, rivers and mountains. I strongly recommend you to visit the Yangtze River main stream and enjoy the view that reveals the history and development of Wuhan.

If you pay a visit to Wuhan, you must also go see all the three towns of Wuhan, namely, Wuchang, Hanyang and Hankou. In the town of Wuchang, you definitely should go to visit those historical heritages such as Taohuayuan city and the Museum of Xinhai Revolution. In Wuhan, we have 85 universities and colleges. And each one of the universities is a museum and a beautiful garden of itself. If you have the opportunity to visit Hankou, you should see the architectures there. Right here, the historical district of Hankou hosts an integration of various cultures, giving the town a reputation as an international expo of world architectures. Here you will enjoy the charm of the architectures from France, Britain, Germany and Russia. This town carries historical heritages since its inception. And you should also visit Hanyang Town, the oldest part of the city, where the Guqin (“Chinese zither”) culture first originated. Here you can also visit the modern-time establishments, Guqin Music Hall and Guqin Theatre. In addition, you must also go see the Made-in-Hanyang facilities, a legacy of the industrial development in Wuhan.

I recommend to you two resources if you want to learn more about Wuhan. The first one is, after the launch of the official website today, you can find more about the city under the section “Beautiful Wuhan”. It offers recommendations of good places to visit. And also, you should visit the Wuhan official website of tourism. That will give you more information regarding the top 10 tourism attractions and other recommended places to go to.

I’d like to mention that in October of 2019, you can visit Wuhan to enjoy the CISM Games, and also some culture-related activities, such as the Qintai music festival, and mountain climbing festival, as well as the World Fly-in Event. Visitors can enjoy not only the charm of the military World Games but also the charm of these culture-related events.

Sen. Col. Wu Qian: I believe that the Vice Mayor has tried her best to give us an overview and brief introduction. Wuhan is such a beautiful city with so many places worth seeing that we might need to arrange a special session just for it.

Question: I’m from CRNTT.com in Hong Kong, and my question goes to Senior Colonel Jia Shijiang. As we see, security is a very important factor of a mega-event; would you please introduce to us the security work of the CISM Military World Games in Wuhan?

Sen. Col. Jia Shijiang: Taking opportunity of the upcoming CISM Games, we will invite many state heads and politicians. The CISM World Games will host more than 10,000 participants, including the visitors and competing players. It is a mega-event lasting a long competition period. So definitely the security work will be an arduous task with heavy responsibility. As far as we are concerned, security is the key factor to the success of this large-scale event. And the Organization Committee has really placed the security and safety at a prioritized position. Our focus is to take the peaceful game as the main line, security as the core and event as the subject, and to fight against terrorism and violence. We will ensure high-level coordination, synergize civilian cooperation, centralize the planning, and take accountability and overall connections so as to build a three-level security command system for the CISM Games, namely the national level, provincial level and competition level. We will form a security pattern of comprehensive management, three-dimensional prevention, and controls with circle filtering. Our main goal is to ensure the absolute safety of the domestic and foreign politicians, events officials and competing players as well as the smooth progress of the various events.

Question: I’m from the PLA Daily, and my question goes to Senior Colonel Jia Shijiang. As we can see, with the unveiling of the emblem as well as the mascot of the event, a new page of the preparation work of the CISM World Games is underway. Can you please brief us on the preparation work of the Chinese teams for this event?

Sen. Col. Jia Shijiang: The Chinese military has attached great importance to the CISM Games. After the year of 2015 when we gained the host right to the 7th CISM Military World Games, all of the soldiers have been greatly inspired and heartened by this great opportunity.

As with the support from the central government as well as the military side, our preparation work can be summarized into 5 key points. The first one is the establishment of highly efficient preparation leadership team. And secondly, the establishment of systematic plan of the preparation works. Thirdly, the formation of the strong teams of athletes, coaches and logistical personnel. The fourth is construction of supportive venues and places. And the fifth is a series of relating warming-up trainings and competitions. So as we can see, all of our members have enjoyed a very good preparation.

Now our athletes are actively preparing for the CISM Games in Wuhan with full spirit, full confidence and strong motivation. We look forward to competing, communicating, sharing friendship and promoting peace with the athletes from the militaries of various countries in the year of 2019.

Question: I’m from CCTV and CGTV, and I have two questions. The first question goes to Vice Mayor Liu Yingzi. In order to better accommodate the coming visiting athletes as well as the press, what the preparation work Wuhan has done in terms of accommodation? The Second question goes to President Al-Shino. You've already made comments that the CISM has stepped into a new era. Why?

Vice Mayor Liu Yingzi: The CISM Games is more than a sports event. It is an important platform for enhancing friendships and understandings. According to our estimation, in the year 2019, there will over 10,000 visitors to the city of Wuhan for this mega-event, including athletes and the media from over 100 countries and regions. I believe for many of them, it will be their first visit to the city. We have a saying that it's great to have friends coming from afar. Definitely we will try our best to serve the best service to our friends and wish they can enjoy their stay here. Out of this wish, we sincerely welcome all the visitors from home and abroad.

As the competing athletes will be from different countries or regions, varied cultural or religious backgrounds, we will take their requirements into full consideration and provide tailored services while following the global games reception standards in constructing the Athletes’ Village. We’ll offer them special facilities in the village, such as shopping, recreation, medical care, as well as the fitness.

And second, accommodating the friends from the press is a very important component of a great sports event. We will strive to make our media friends feel the passions of the city, and experience our management and event-planning abilities in hosting such a mega-event. We will offer professional services to the press. Firstly, we’ll construct a main media center covering 50,000 square meters for the journalists, which hosts the main press center (MPC) and international broadcasting center (IBC). The media center is adjacent to the main venues of the competition and the journalists’ hotel. And also in all the competition venues, we will set up the stands for media. Our own media support teams will provide the in-time game updates and HD pictures and facilitate you with international transmission of data. We will also offer the media the best service in public transport and accommodation.

All in all, our main goal is to let all the distinguished guests who visit Wuhan feel like home and be able to feel the charm of the city and the enthusiasm of our citizens.

CISM President Al-Shino: No doubt as you know CISM was founded in 1948 after the World War II, and since that time, the CISM has continued developing. And now the CISM has 157 member countries around the world. Year by year, the CISM developed as competitions and sports. We started the Military Games in 1995 in Rome, Italy and this is the 7th Military Games. Now we believe that the CISM becomes more valuable around the world. Because we have been aiming for, I can’t say to impose, I can say to convince the countries to maintain our noble values. We’ve been able to project, and this project is so many places around the world. We have been able to send clear message for entire word.

I call it a new era here because it started also a new establishment in CISM capabilities with the power of China. We can send a very clear message to the entire world. We are going to invite leaders of the countries, armies of the countries. We’re going to find lists of events, high qualities. Just show them our desire for the peace; just show them our great efforts that we are doing to promote friendship through sports. With the power of China, of course, the message will be clearer. That’s why I called it a new era for CISM and a great event for a great Wuhan.

Question: I'm from the Phoenix TV. My questions are what the mode of this CISM Games is, and compared to the previous ones, what's special about this event?

Sen. Col. Jia Shijiang: I will take your question. This Games fully implemented Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, implemented the concept of new development featuring "innovative, coordinated, green, open and sharing". The Games also practiced actively the great development strategy that combines military and civilian efforts and made full use of the grand military-civilian platform of mutual support and joint construction to set up a mode of running the Games scientifically, namely, a mode " supported by the nation, oriented by the military, undertaken by the local, and participated by the society".

And your second question is what's special and what the advantages of this event are. I think there are a lot of advantages and I'd like to summarize it in the following five aspects.

The first is China’s strategic advantage of being a powerful nation in sports. You know that we have just concluded the 19th National CPC Congress, and President Xi Jinping calls for greater efforts to speed up our building of a stronger nation in sports through hosting a number of international sports events and promoting sports among the general public. It is the biggest advantage of China to be a good host of the CISM Games.

The second is our systematic advantage. China as a country has the ability to complete great work that needs a lot of efforts in a very short time. We can gather abundant resources and manpower in short time to host an international or domestic event.

And the third advantage is the strong solidarity between the army and the civilians. We believe that if we are united, no one else can beat us. This is the reason why the Chinese army can achieve victories one after another and time from time. Wuhan is also a city that sets a good example on maintaining good relationship between the civilians and the military.

I believe that with the support of the municipal government as well as the CPC Commission here, as well as the participation of the local people in Wuhan, this will be a great event. And it will be an event with concerted efforts, strong determination and good friendship.

And fourthly, it’s the charm and strength of Wuhan. Wuhan is a city with strong technological abilities, also abundant cultural resources and a very long history. It has sound infrastructures for hosting sports games. The local people here really love and enjoy sports and they look forward to participating in the event. So, if you have time, I really suggest the press friends to have a look in the streets and experience this great city.

And the fifth advantage is that we have strong military athletic competition abilities. Because during the previous six CISM Military World Games, the Chinese PLA has won 4 silver medal winners, 2 bronze medal winners, and owned a number of military athletes with strong capabilities. In the Wuhan 2019 CISM Military World Games, we have confidence and ability to gain greater success. And we can help to usher in a new chapter of the CISM Military World Games as well as to leave some Chinese prints in this glorious CISM history.

Sen. Col. Wu Qian: I am sorry to declare that the press conference will come to the end due to time limits. I would like to extend my thanks to the spokespersons today, to the friends of the media, either from china or foreign countries, also I would like to thank our staff, translators as well as the volunteers for their hard work.

And this is not the finale of the whole series, this afternoon we will invite you to visit the venues and facilities. Hope you enjoy this great city of Wuhan and have a nice Friday.