Chinese naval escort taskforce set sail for home

Source:China Military Online Editor:Huang Panyue 2017-06-30

PORT VILA, VANUATU, June 30 (ChinaMil) -- The 25th Chinese naval escort taskforce concluded its friendly visit to Vanuatu and set sail for home on June 27, 2017, local time.

Personnel from Chinese Embassy in Vanuatu and representatives of overseas Chinese in Vanuatu saw the Chinese naval escort taskforce off at the port.

The taskforce undertook visit missions since May 2 after it departed from the waters off the Somali coast. The taskforce has docked Seychelles for replenishment and conducted friendly port visits to Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu successively.

During the visits, the Chinese naval escort taskforce carried out such activities as visiting local schools, organizing ship open days, organizing cultural and sport exchanges with local naval sailors, conducting cross-deck visits and so on, which has further deepened mutual understanding and friendship between China and each host nation.

It is learned that the 25th Chinese naval escort taskforce will carry out a series of specific training exercises on its way home.