China slams Indian troops' provocation on border

Source:China Military Online Editor:Yao Jianing 2017-06-27

BEIJING, June 27 (ChinaMil) -- Indian troops recently crossed the border with China in an attempt to block a road construction in Donglang(Doklam) area by the Chinese side, China's defense ministry confirmed on Monday in response to the media enquiries on the news about the recent China-Indian border confrontation.

Colonel Ren Guoqiang, spokesperson for China's Ministry of National Defense(MND), said on the night of June 26 that Indian troops' unilateral provocation has violated the consensus and relevant agreements on border issues between the Chinese and Indian governments, seriously endangering the peace and stability of the border areas.

The China-Indian boundary in Sikkim has been delineated by historical treaties and the Indian government has repeatedly confirmed in writing after the independence of India, acknowledging that there is no objection to the trend of the China-Indian boundary line at the Sikkim section, Ren said.

The construction of the roads in Donglang (Doklam) area by the Chinese side is entirely a sovereign act in its own territory, and the Indian side has no rights to interfere, he added.

Ren noted that China is committed to developing bilateral relations with India, but it will also firmly defend its legitimate rights and interests. He urged the Indian side not to complicate the border issues and make joint efforts with China to maintain the sound momentum in bilateral relations.