Chinese naval fleet wraps up visit to Pakistan

Source:China Military Online Editor:Ou Yang 2017-06-14

KARACHI, Pakistan, June 14 (ChinaMil) -- A Chinese ocean-going naval fleet completed its four-day friendly visit to Pakistan and left the Port of Karachi on the morning of June 13, local time.

The Chinese naval fleet consists of the guided-missile destroyer Changchun, guided-missile frigate Jingzhou and supply ship Chaohu. As scheduled, the fleet held a joint maritime exercise with Pakistani naval ships in waters of northern Arabian Sea after leaving Karachi.

The contents of the joint exercise mainly covered underway replenishment, ship formation movement, joint escort and joint air defense. The three Chinese warships, Pakistan Navy's frigate 252 PNS Shamsheer and destroyer F-183 PNS Khaibar participated in the joint exercise.

A joint command post was set up on the destroyer Changchun and the frigate PNS Shamsheer respectively, and in the commanding post on the Chinese Destroyer Changchun, there was one officer from the Pakistan Navy, and vice versa.

Rear Admiral Shen Hao, commanding officer of the Chinese naval fleet, said that in the joint maritime exercise, the two navies further upgraded the coordinating and cooperative capabilities between their warships and the joint exercise also helped deepen the mutual trust and cooperation between the two navies.

During the fleet's stay in Karachi, Shen Hao called on Kaleem Shaukat, commander of the Pakistan Navy Fleet and Muhammad Zubair Umar, governor of Pakistan's Sindh province. He and Xu Ping, political commissar of the Chinese naval fleet, also visited the Pakistan Naval Academy.

Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah and Logistic Commander Rear Admiral Sajid Wazir Khan of the Pakistan Navy toured the Chinese destroyer Changchun. Chinese and Pakistani sailors also visited each other's naval ships and had in-depth discussions on training of special operation, communication and anti-piracy action.