National defense students enrollment policy switches to embracing more college graduates

Source:China Military Editor:Ouyang 2017-05-26

BEIJING, May 26 (ChinaMil) -- The Chinese military will make some adjustment in its national defense student recruitment policy beginning from this year, and the purpose of the policy switch is to absorb more young talented people to join the army, China's Defense Ministry said on Friday.

As a part of Chinese military reform, the 17-year-long national defense student system will also undergo a major reform, and starting from 2017, the military will directly select and recruit defense students from graduates of regular higher learning institutions, according to the Information Affairs Bureau under the Defense Ministry.

At the same time, the military will terminate enrolling defense students from senior high school graduates and selecting defense students from civil university undergraduates, the Information Bureau added.

The adjustment of the national defense students enrollment policy mainly aims to further expand channels of cultivating military talents by combining military and civil efforts and have a more extensive utilization of national educational resources as well as to provide broader platforms for more talented young people to join the military, said the Information Bureau.