Story of a Bangladeshi girl with Chinese Navy

Source:China Military Editor:Yao Jianing 2017-05-24

“Chin” and her family prepare to board a warship of the Chinese Navy for a visit. (PLA Daily/Yang Guiwang)

BEIJING, May 24 (ChinaMil) -- The Chinese naval ocean-going visiting taskforce arrived at Chittagong, Bangladesh, the fifth stop of its voyage, on Tuesday morning.

Amid the welcoming crowd on the wharf, a seven-year-old Bangladeshi girl was waving two little five-starred red flags (the national flag of China), expecting her meeting with the Chinese Navy once again.

This girl is named “Chin” and has quite a great connection with the Chinese Navy. On November 12, 2012, a pregnant woman with a serious heart condition suffered a difficult labor that local hospitals failed to treat effectively.

Luckily, Chinese Navy's "Peace Ark" hospital ship on the "Harmonious Mission-2010" medical service task happened to be berthing at Chittagong that day.

Hearing the news, the hospital ship quickly organized medical workers to carry out a cesarean section for the woman. The woman finally gave birth to a girl.

To express thanks to the Chinese Navy that disperses peace and friendship, the woman deliberately named her daughter “Chin”.

Four years ago, 3-year-old “Chin” once boarded the "Peace Ark" hospital ship with her parents. "Today, our whole family came to welcome the Chinese Navy and express our gratitude," said Chin's father.

At the wharf, the reporter also met with a truck driver who was with Chin's family. According to him, China-aided 7th Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge on the Arial Khan River in Kazirtek, Madaripur was finished and opened to traffic in 2015, greatly reducing the transport distance from southwest Bangladesh to Chittagong, and the driver's income has increased significantly.

Since the 1980s, the Chinese government has helped Bangladesh to build seven bridges, respectively named 1st Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge to 7th Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge.

"The 8th Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge project is scheduled to break ground this year, adding a new chapter to the friendship between the two countries,” said a staff from the Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh.