PLA uplifts air transportation ground supporting equipment

Source:China Military Editor:Yao Jianing 2017-03-10

BEIJING, March 10 (ChinaMil) -- The PLA Air Force has recently completed the tests of docking between the newly developed air transportation materials handling platform and all its large transport airplanes in service, PLA Daily reported on Friday.

The strategic projection capability is an important prop for joint operations in the modern battlefield. To achieve far and quick force projection, “fast handling” is a must, a commanding officer of the logistics department of the PLA Air Force told PLA Daily.

In recent years, the materials handling capacity for military air transportation lagged behind in major military operations such as disaster relief and exercises. The inadequate hardware equipment and low air transportation efficiency have restricted the improvement of the combat effectiveness, he said.

To solve these prominent problems, he continued, the PLA Air Force Logistics Academy, entrusted by the PLA Air Force Logistics Department, spent five years and successfully developed a series of supporting ground equipment for military air transportation including a 14-ton large transport airplane materials handling platform, the 5-ton airport cargo loading forklift and the container pallets.

These ground material handling facilities can be used in the material loading for all transportation airplanes of the PLA.