The Chinese military will be subject to "stricter" discipline checks as efforts to root out corruption, a senior military official said Wednesday.
Senior Party members at the rank of military corps and above will be overseen by full-time inspection teams, said a military regulation made public Tuesday.
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday ordered the armed police force to uphold the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC).
China's defense ministry has expressed strong discontent with Japanese efforts to sensationalize a legitimate action by the Chinese navy, according to the information office of the ministry Thursday.
China's Defense Ministry Spokesperson Wu Qian made on Wednesday interpretations on the connotative import of the military flag for the armed police force.
China's armed police will continue to safeguard national security and social stability after its command mechanism adjustment, a Ministry of National Defense spokesman said Thursday.
The commissioning ceremony of the new corvette Wuhai of the PLA Navy was held at a naval port in Dalian, north China's Liaoning province on Monday.
Air Force of the People's Liberation Army of China has carried out real combat training, with the involvement of the J-20 stealth fighter and the Y-20 military transport aircraft, according to a military statement.
Chinese naval destroyer Haikou and frigate Yueyang arrived in Algiers, capital of Algeria, for a four-day friendly visit on Jan. 7, local time.
Two pilots assigned to an air base of the air force under the PLA Southern Theater Command climb into the cockpit of a Su-30 fighter jet prior to a flight training exercise in northwestern China's Gobi Desert in late November, 2017.
Foreign military attachés from over 60 countries and their spouses, totaling 130 persons, left Beijing for Shenzhen on Monday to start their collective study visit to the Southern Theater Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).
The Western Theater Command of the PLA has activated an emergency response and is ready for rescue operations after a deadly earthquake hit southwest China's Sichuan Province.
Three roads in downtown Ed Daein, capital city of Sudan's East Darfur State, repaired by the 14th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment, were opened to traffic on Jan. 15, local time.