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  Night drill ends Peace Mission 2010 

  Peace Mission 2010 concludes 16-day exercise 

  Interview: Evaluating the peace mission 


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Military strength: More than 5,000 troops (Kazakhstan:1700; China:1000; Russia:1000;Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan:100-plus respectively)

Phases: 1. Delivery of troops; 2. Strategic consultation; 3. Planning of Campaigns; 4. Drillings involving actual troops and armaments

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At 06:15 on September 5, the train carrying the first echelon of the Chinese army combat group participating in the “Peace Mission 2010” joint anti-terror military exercise safely arrived at the Ala Pass Railway Station in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Closing ceremony of Peace Mission 2010 held in Kazakhstan
Liang Guanglie observes "Peace Mission 2010" anti-terror military drill
Chinese defense minister to observe SCO anti-terror drill in Kazakhstan
SCO drill now established way to build anti-terror capacity
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  As part of the "Peace Mission 2010" war games, soldiers and military officers from Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan practiced a variety of maneuvers including firepower readiness and breakthrough, encircling and suppressing enemies in residential areas, and purging the enemy at their bases in a night operation.

SCO anti-terror military drill concludes in Kazakhstan
SCO kicks off live-ammunition anti-terror exercises
SCO troops conduct second live-ammunition drill
SCO troops launch first live firing drill
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A departure ceremony for the Chinese troops to participate in the “Peace Mission 2010” joint anti-terror military exercise in Kazakhstan under the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was held on the evening of Sept. 2 at the Zhurihe combined tactics training base.

A ceremony was held yesterday morning at the field barracks in the Matybulak training range, southern Kazakhstan to mark the beginning of field drills of the Peace Mission 2010 joint anti-terror military exercise.

Chinese army hones transportation skills at SCO war games
China tries long-distance air attack mode in SCO drill
Chinese troops pay attention to coordination with friendly forces -- commander
PLA new-type living support facilities debut on “Peace Mission 2010” exercise site
Art performance staged during anti-terror drills in Kazakhstan
Chinese J-10 fighters in first joint drill of “Peace Mission 2010” exercise
First actual-force joint training of “Peace Mission 2010” joint anti-terror military exercise kicks off
SCO joint anti-terror drill enters battle preparation phase
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Photo gallery

SCO troops bid farewell to Matybulak

A birthday party for 61 Chinese soldiers

Chinese troops spend Mid-Autumn Festival at Matybulak Range

Chinese National Culture Day activities held at Matybulak training range

Chinese national attire shine in Matybulak
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