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  Jiang Hangang:A Chinese Officer Dedicated to UN Peacekeeping

    “As a Chinese peacekeeper, I’m duty-bound to do my best in each and every piece of work I am engaged in. Whenever difficulties and obstacles threaten to block my way, the simple thought that ‘I’m Chinese and whatever I do speaks for China’ injects tremendous strength into me such that I can press ahead to the end,” said Jiang Hangang, a man who holds fast to a code that values national pride above everything else.

It is no big deal
  After he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, Jiang Hangang comforted Jin Mei, his spouse, “The tumor is nothing but a redundant lump of flesh in my body. Let’s get rid of it.”
Jiang Hangang: A dedicated peacekeeper
    Jiang Hangang, commander of an engineer regiment under the Beijing MAC of the PLA is crowned as a “heroic peacekeeper” since he and his fellow servicemen accomplished the peacekeeping mission with flying colors though he was tortured by cancer in those peacekeeping days.

Jiang with locals

Opening ceremony of road upgrading

Jiang with local kids
Chinese Peacekeepers in Liberia
Medal presentation ceremony for 10th Chinese peacekeeping force to Liberia held
Chinese medical peacekeepers to Liberia win praise
8th Chinese peacekeeping transportation detachment to Liberia established
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Jiang at construction site

Jiang directs construction

Jiang in communication with locals

Jiang studies ground texture
Jiang Hangang pursues excellence in construction
Fighting hard in “ death zone”
Fighting “final” battle
Jiang innovates on road building

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Jiang visits injured fellow peacekeeper

Jiang in chat with soldiers

Jiang with soldiers

Jiang visits wounded soldier
Gadfly Bites
Enjoying Beijing Olympics with foreign friends
China’s name card
Serving as “adhesive”
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Jiang under medical treatment

Jiang in sick bed

Jiang directs security work

Jiang perseveres in work
Car cleaning cloth used otherwise
Return back to work
Endless calls to make
It is no big deal
Behind smiles
In Fellow Servicemen's Eyes

  Whenever we saw Colonel Jiang, our regiment commander, he always worked as energetically as an engine in full play without exhaustion of his power. People who knew nothing about his condition would never imagine he was very ill at that time.  
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