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Speech by Adm. SUN Jianguo, Chairman of China Institute for International Strategic Studies, at the Welcome Dinner of the 6th Xiangshan Forum

( Source: China Military Online  )         2015-October-17 23:25

  Friday 16 OCTOBER 2015


  Your Excellency Hun Sen,

  Your Excellency Nujoma,

  Honored guests,

  Ladies and gentlemen, friends,

  Good evening!

  On this pleasant and beautiful day, we ushered in the sixth Xiangshan Forum. First of all, on behalf of China Association of Military Sciences and the China International Strategic Studies, I extend my heartfelt thanks to Excellency Hun Sen’s wonderful speech! To all the distinguished guests a warm welcome!

  There is a Chinese saying: it is a great pleasure to have friends from afar. Xiangshan forum named after the Xiangshan Hill, which is well known for the red maple leaves. In late autumn, all maple leaves turn red. At this time, red maple leaves covered the whole hill, just like a beautiful painting. The sight always attracts many tourists. Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations. Today, 49 government and defense department delegations and five international organization delegations and 356 famous politicians, experts and scholars gather together to discuss security cooperation in Asia-Pacific, and explore new ways to promote regional peace and stability. As the host of the Forum, we feel very honored and will do our best to create good conditions for the Forum. I hope the trip is worthwhile.

  Peace is based on dialogue and cooperation, mutual trust comes from mutual understanding and communication. Xiangshan forum is in the pursuit of building a Asia-Pacific community of common destiny. It upholds the spirit of equality, respect, openness and inclusiveness. The forum will brainstorm on major strategic issues, gather assimilation, build consensus. It is a high-end dialogue platform for the Asia-Pacific region to seek peace and safeguard stability. It is an important communication platform for regional states to enhance mutual trust, reduce misjudgment. Besides, it is a multilateral diplomatic platform for defense departments to expand exchanges and deepen friendship. We are willing to make joint efforts with all parties to make this platform better and play the role better.

  At present, there are both opportunities and challenges, both hopes and risks for the peace, development, prosperity and stability of the Asia-Pacific region. This year’s Xiangshan Forum is aimed at promoting common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and focuses on new changes in regional security environment and new demands for security cooperation. Themed on “Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific: Realities and Visions”, the forum has four panels and seven concurrent panels, covering regional security concepts and trends of development, responsibilities of major countries, mechanism building, maritime security, counter-terrorism cooperation, cyber security, humanitarian relief, the roles of think tanks and many other areas. I hope that all the guests will share their insights on the topics in these three days, to further consolidate consensus on security cooperation, enrich the contents of security cooperation, innovate approaches to security cooperation, improve mechanisms of security cooperation, providing more constructive ideas and models for maintaining peace and stability of the Asia-Pacific region.

  Ladies and gentlemen, friends!

  In this season of harvest, red leaves all over the Xiangshan Hill are welcoming all the guests. I wish everyone happy and healthy during the Xiangshan Forum in Beijing.

  Thank you all!

Editor :  Zhang Tao