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Host Speech by Lt. Gen. GAO Jin, Chairman of China Association for Military Science, at the Welcome Dinner of the 6th Xiangshan Forum

( Source: China Military Online  )         2015-October-17 23:23



  Friday 16 OCTOBER 2015


  Your Excellency Hun Sen,

  Your Excellency Nujoma,

  Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, friends:

  Good evening! I am Gao Jin, Chairman of China Association for Military Science, President of the PLA Academy of Military Science. I am pleased to host the welcome dinner of the Sixth Xiangshan Forum.

  First of all, I would like to extend our sincere welcome to all the guests here.

  We are honored to have His Excellency Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, to attend the Sixth Xiangshan Forum and deliver a speech. And we are also honored to receive leaders of ministry or department of defense and military leaders from various countries, representatives of some international organizations, political figures, experts and scholars. This forum is a great event of security cooperation and defense exchanges of Asia and the world. In accordance with the dinner agenda, Admiral Sun Jianguo, Deputy Chief of the PLA General Staff, Chairman of China Institute for International Strategic Studies, is going to make an address. After that, Prime Minister Hun Sen is going to deliver an important speech.

  So, let’s welcome Admiral Sun Jianguo.


  Thank you for you warm speech, Admiral Sun Jianguo.

  Next, we will listen to the speech by His Excellency Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia. As we all know, Prime Minister Hun Sen is a well-known statesman that has made important contributions to the building and development of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and to peace and stability in the region. Prime Minister Hun Sen has been paying close attention to international and regional issues, conducting in-depth research on Asia-Pacific security, and offering incisive insights. Now, let us welcome Prime Minister Hun Sen to deliver his speech. Please give him a round of applause.


  Thank you for your visionary and perceptive speech, Prime Minister Hun Sen. I believe that his remarks will leave a lasting impression on everyone seated here today.

  Now, it is the Q&A session. Your questions are welcomed.


  Now, it is the end of the Q&A session. Thank you for the questions, and thank Prime Minister Hun Sen for his wonderful answers. In the following two days, we will conduct discussions and exchanges around the theme of Asia-Pacific security cooperation and eleven specific topics. I believe we will have sufficient opportunities to get information of interest and express our unique insights.

  Ladies and gentlemen, friends!

  The beautiful mountain of Xiangshan at the western outskirt of Beijing is a symbol of peace and tranquility. We have named this forum after the Xiangshan Mountain to express the yearning for peace and tranquility. The Asia-Pacific countries are close neighbors, and safeguarding regional security is our shared responsibility and our common pursuit. Mutual exchange, dialogue and cooperation are the gateway to the goal of peaceful development.

  Now, please join me in a toast, to the friendship and cooperation between us, to the vision of the Asia-Pacific community of destiny, to the full success of the forum, and to the health of everyone present. Cheers!


Editor :  Zhang Tao