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Xiangshan Forum: Asia's own platform for security dialogue

( Source: China Military Online  )         2014-November-24 17:34

  BEIJING, November 24 (ChinaMil) – The 5th Xiangshan Forum held by the China Association for Military Science (CAMS) concluded on November 22, 2014.

  The 5th Xiangshan Forum is themed by "Win-win Cooperation: Building the Asian Community of Common Destiny", at which domestic and foreign representatives discussed the future path of security cooperation in Asia centering on a series of topics including regional security framework, regional maritime security and regional anti-terrorism.

  Compared with previous ones, the 5th Xiangshan Forum displayed new characteristics. First, it is upgraded from a track-2 event to a track-1.5 high-end security and defense forum. Second, its scale is expanded. Nearly 300 Chinese and foreign representatives attended the forum, more than the total number of representatives of the previous four forums. Third, it will be held at a higher frequency. From now on it will become an annual rather than biennial event.

  What’s behind such changes of the Xiangshan Forum is the rapid political and economic development in Asia and the demand for security after the Cold War.

  Asia is becoming a geo-political and economic center of the world. After more than 30 years’ development, it has become the most dynamic region in the global economy.

  Asia suffers from the most rampant terrorist activities in the world and is a main battlefield in the global anti-terrorist campaign. After the “September 11th” terrorist attacks, the U.S. launched anti-terrorist wars across the globe, but it has actually just overthrown several “anti-U.S.” governments while the international terrorist forces are not really weakened. Yet those wars broke the balance of regional powers and terrorist forces have consequently kept spreading without control.

  Asia features the largest number of and most concentrated security-sensitive issues. As the only superpower in the world today, the U.S. has shifted its strategic focus to East Asia, the international order and power landscape in the Asian region face new adjustment and challenges, and disputes over territory, sovereignty and maritime rights and interests have escalated.

  Security is the important guarantee for development. As regional and global integration progresses at a fast pace, Asian countries have ever closer exchanges and become increasingly interdependent in economy, trade and security. However, Asian security issues can only be solved through candid dialogues and united efforts among all Asian countries. Therefore, Asia has to, first and foremost, establish a platform of its own for equal dialogue.

  The Xiangshan Forum held by the China Association for Military Science (CAMS) is a high-end Asian platform for security and defense dialogue aimed to pool together the wisdom of all parties, expand common ground and boost cooperation. It reflects the Chinese nation’s love for peace and responds to the call of all Asian countries for peace, development and cooperation.

  As Kevin Michael Rudd, former prime minister of Australia, pointed out in his speech at this forum, “The Xiangshan Forum is the most suitable occasion” to discuss how to establish an Asian-Pacific security structure in this region.

  Asia is the common home of the people of all Asian countries. As long as we work in unity, cooperate on an equal basis, and jump out of the mindset of confrontation and zero-sum game, we will find the path toward regional security, stability and prosperity.

  We hope to see stronger support to and wider participation in the Xiangshan Forum, so that it can provide strategic reference and intelligent support for the Asian countries to share in a bright future of peace and prosperity.

  (By Wang Xinjun from the Academy of Military Sciences of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army)

Editor :  Zhang Tao