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Xiangshan Forum to begin in Beijing

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  The 5th Xiangshan Forum, a forum focusing on international security and defense issues sponsored by the China Society of Military Science, will open on Thursday in Beijing. Nearly 50 countries and international organizations will be represented by official delegations to the meeting. Participants include more than 20 government officials at or above deputy defense minister level.

  For more on this forum, our reporter Han Bin interviewed senior colonel Zhou Bo, from the Chinese Ministry of National Defense.‍

  Q1. Amongst the many regional and international security forums, what makes the ‍Xiangshan Forum stand out?

  "First of all Xiang shan Forum is one of the many forums in this region. It's different, it's larger than most of them. Because we invite 40 countries pls 4 international organizations. If you look at Shangri-La dialogue, they have only invited 28 countries. The second difference is content. Because at this forum we are going to discuss regional security architecture, maritime disputes and counter-terrorism. Besides most of the representatives to make their own deliberation, that means we give them topics, they talk. This way the discussion interaction will be really equal and friendly discussion among equal partners. "

  Q2. One of the themes is maritime security, that has manifested in several long-standing issues. How can the forum engender solutions to regional maritime disputes?

  "The territorial disputes is among the most difficult to be resolved. People talk about maritime disputes in this region, people have always thought it's between China and other countries, but the truth is about everybody with somebody else. For example,...territory disputes are very common in mankind. The only thing is only how we could solve these disputes ..At the same time China and ASEAN countries make joint efforts make South China Sea peaceful and stable. ...through friendly negotiations."

  Q3. Chinese leaders have said they will commit themselves to playing a constructive role as a responsible power on the world stage. How will the PLA respond in a way that’s conducive to peace and security?


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