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Du Jingchen: escort is conducive to naval building

(Source: )   2009-04-29

  On April 27, the eve of the first Chinese naval escort taskforce sailing into the military port of the motherland after accomplishing its escort task in the Gulf of Aden and the waters off the Somali coast, the reporters of the PLA Daily interviewed Rear Admiral Du Jingchen, commander of the first Chinese naval escort taskforce.

  Du Jingchen said that this escort is the first effort of China in safeguarding national strategic interest abroad by using its military strength, the first performance of international humanistic obligations abroad by organizing its maritime combat strength, and the first effort of protecting China's important maritime transport routes abroad by mobilizing its naval strength. It has strong policy-oriented, foreign-related and law-related characteristics. He said that, it went without saying, this was a successful practice of China in coping with a multiple of security threats and implementing diversified military tasks. It will also play a great driving role in accelerating the naval building and development.

  Du Jingchen also said that, through organizing long-time military actions on the ocean, the problems in naval building could be timely exposed and found, and the gaps and some things not in conformity with the modernization drive of the navy in such aspects as combat readiness training, organization and system, equipment development, comprehensive support and laws and regulations could be seen, so as to enhance the pertinence of the reform and speed up the pace of the naval building. "To all participants of the naval building, the escort mission can impel us to further update our concept and probe into new ways and new methods in naval building."

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