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Defense Ministry to improve military instructors' training

( Source: China Daily  )         2014-August-28 22:38

  The Ministry of National Defense promised on Aug 28 to strengthen the training and regulation of military training instructors after 40 students were injured in an Aug 24 brawl involving military training instructors. "We have noticed media reports about the accident related to military training of students. We convey sincere sympathy to students and families involved in the accident," ministry spokesman Yang Yunjun said at a regular news conference.

  "After the incident, military departments acted accordingly and asked to further implement laws and regulations to strengthen the training and regulation of military training instructors and improve the administration of students' military training," he said.

  Yang said that military training is significant in raising trainees' consciousness of national defense and enhancing their health.

  Forty students were injured in a brawl involving military training instructors at Huangcang Middle School, Longshan county, Hunan province.

  The incident is the latest involving military instructors at high schools.

  Two local military officers were sacked after the incident and a teacher was temporarily removed from his post, the local publicity department said in a statement on Aug 26.

  The brawl, which took place at about 4:30 pm on Aug 24, injured 42 people, 40 of whom were students. Fighting broke out after an altercation between a female student and an instructor, according to the statement.

  Following the argument, the atmosphere deteriorated and became increasingly tense, resulting in a brawl during which the head teacher was attacked.

  Students later vented their anger by smashing classroom doors and windows, sustaining injuries, the statement said.

Editor :  Yao Jianing