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11th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to South Sudan praised

( Source: China Military Online  )         2014-May-4 17:31

The picture shows the peacekeeping officers and men of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) completed various capital constructions of roads to a high standard in South Sudan and were praised by local people.( Zhenxing)

  South Sudan, May 4 (ChinaMil) -- The government of the Republic of South Sudan specially invited three representatives from the 11th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to South Sudan in early March to attend the closing ceremony of replacement and training for the first batch of veterans of South Sudan to express its gratitude to the peacekeepers for helping build the transition training center of the DDR (disarmament, demobilization and replacement).

  Since last July when it was deployed to the area, the peacekeeping engineer detachment has undertaken construction tasks of several roads and has been actively involved in the routine support of the base like road upkeep, garbage cleanup and equipment installation.

  At the end of August of last year, the peacekeeping engineer detachment received the instruction of building road for the tribe of Madhu Anne in Aweil, the capital of Northern Bahr El Ghazal State of South Sudan. It confronted greater construction difficulty due to local climate. After beginning the construction, the peacekeepers started work at 06:00 every day, worked without stop round-the-clock and completed the road construction with a high quality in advance. Project officers were impressed by the “China quality” and “China speed” when they checked the construction and announced on the spot that all the construction is up to or over the acceptance standards of the United Nations (UN).

  During the mission period, the peacekeeping engineer detachment answered to 198 task instructions of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan and deployed 56,785 persons/times and 10,260 equipment, transported 409 various containers, built protective wall and barbed wire of 27,860 meters, leveled ground of 1.867 million square meters, built and kept up roads of 40.3 km, dug and transported earth of 348,000 cubic meters and transported water of 2,860 trucks.

  All the constructions which they are involved in are all up to or over the acceptance standards of the UN. Chinese peacekeepers'excellent quality and performance were praised. They show Chinese soldiers'good image of peace, friendship and civilization.

The picture shows a theatre commander of the government forces of South Sudan is wearing the “Honor Medal of Peace” of the UN for the Chinese peacekeepers in early March at the closing ceremony in South Sudan.( Zhenxing)

Editor :  Guo Renjie