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PLA Daily: Japan outsmarts itself

( Source: China Military  )         2017-January-19 17:38

BEIJING, Jan.19 (ChinaMil) -- The Philippine media recently reported that their president Duterte refused the visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's proposal of providing missiles to the Philippines. The president said he "didn't want to see a third world war".

From the "globe diplomacy" to "strategic diplomacy", Shinzo Abe has visited foreign countries frequently since he came into power again over two years ago, especially in Southeast Asia, leaving footprints in countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. There is constant news about him being "on the way".

A review of Abe's remarks when he visited Southeast Asia shows that he continuously hyped up the "China threat theory" and instigated tension in the South China Sea.

To be frank, Abe is both unwise and despicable in sowing discord. Thanks to the joint efforts of China and relevant ASEAN countries, the South China Sea situation is improving and parties concerned have come back to the right track of negotiation and consultation.

As the spokesperson of Chinese foreign ministry said, the Japanese leaders are still going to sow discord and play up regional tension. Such practice harbors ulterior motives and such mentality is extremely unhealthy.

Regarding the South China Sea disputes between China and the Philippines, Japan, as a country outside the South China Sea region without direct concern in the matter, not only expressed its concern repeatedly, but also made constant groundless accusations of China.

It provided weapon equipment such as training aircraft and patrol vessels for the Philippines several times and even offered to provide missiles this time. When two neighbors had a conflict, a strange passer-by not only took sides but also handed over a spear - his evil intension was all too clear.

In the eyes of some scholars of international relations, a major characteristic of Japan's diplomacy is that it only pays lip service.

For example, Abe announced in 2016 to provide USD30 billion aid to Africa by 2018, which sounded a lot but most of it was actually investment in Africa from Japanese companies. The "creative" trick of packaging profit-oriented business activities as aid became a laughing stick in the international stage.

Abe's personal commitment was also known for unreliability. When he first became prime minister, he claimed that Japan's nuclear power stations would never lose power, but the Fukushima accident was caused exactly by the loss of power. When Tokyo applied to host the Olympic Games, Abe vowed to the international community that nuclear sewage at Fukushima was absolutely controllable, but it turned out later that the sewage was never in good control.

There is an old Chinese saying that friends based on interest or power don't last long, only friends based on sincerity are true friends. The relationship between countries is just like that between people, where mutual kindness and sincerity is the right way and only way to go.

Warren Buffett once said "you only know who is swimming naked after the tide goes down". Bilateral relation isn't a "one-time thing", and as time goes by, the calculating and scheming true color of certain countries and people will eventually come to light. The practice of always pursuing personal gain when dealing with others and using them as chess pieces will only lay bare the country's and the person's hypocrisy.

The article is written in Chinese by Luo Zhaowen and published on the PLA Daily, Jan.18.


Editor :  Zhang Tao