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China to host six events of International Army Games 2017

( Source: China Military  )         2017-April-12 16:15


BEIJING, April 12 (ChinaMil) -- According to the information released by the website of Russian Ministry of Defense, the annual International Army Games will be held from July 29 to August 12, 2017.

Compared with last year's 23 events, there will be 28 events in International Army Games 2017, and the 5 new ones are Military Rally, Drone Competition, Commonwealth Warrior, Guardian of Order and Road Patrol.

In the Military Rally competition, the armored vehicle crew will be required to complete a 2000 km march. The Commonwealth Warrior is the event for soldiers of the CIS countries. The Guardian of Order will be competed among military policemen, and the contestants in the Road Patrol event will be military vehicles.

The 28 events of the 2017 International Army Games will be held in China, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan respectively. China will host 6 events, i.e. the Suvorov Attack, Aviation Darts, Safe Environment, Airborne Platoon, Clear Sky and Gunsmith Master. Kazakhstan will host three competitions, which are Masters of Artillery Fire, Sniper Frontier and Drone Competition. Belarus will host the Commonwealth Warrior competition, and Azerbaijan will host the Sea Cup competition.

More than 70 countries will send teams to participate in or observe the Games.

Editor :  Yao Jianing