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Chinese peacekeepers help with rescue after Mali car bomb attack

( Source: China Military  )         2017-January-23 16:34

Members of the 4th Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment to Mali carry the wounded to an airplane bound for a hospital after a car bomb attack in Gao, northern Mali, on Jan 18, 2017.

BAMAKO, January 23 (ChinaMil) -- A military camp in Gao in northern Mali was hit in a suicide car bomb attack on Jan 18, local time, and more than 100 people were killed in the attack.

The military camp jolted by the car bomb attack is less than 300 meters away from the UN camp where the Chinese peacekeeping forces are stationed. After the incident, the Chinese peacekeeping troops enhanced their self-defense and at the same time, went all out to offer help in the rescue operations by participating in treatment of the wounded and renovation of the damaged camp site.

The 4th Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment sent three armored ambulances carrying more than ten medical workers to rush to the military camp to evacuate the wounded to the hospital. With the joint efforts of the peacekeeping medical workers from China and other countries, nearly one hundred injured people have got proper treatment according to their conditions.

On the morning of Jan. 21, local time, the 4th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment started reconstruction of the military camp damaged in the car bomb attack. In addition to repairing the existing damaged facilities, the Chinese peacekeeping engineers will also broaden the protective slopes, deepen the defensive ditches and erect new sand-box protective walls to upgrade the overall security and defense capabilities of the camp.

Editor :  Yao Jianing