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U.S. military observers visit Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion in South Sudan

( Source: China Military Online  )         2016-March-22 17:54

Members of a U.S. military observer delegation listen to Chinese peacekeepers’ brief introduction to their missions in South Sudan.

SOUTH SUDAN, March 22 ( ChinaMil) -- An eight-member U.S. military observer delegation led by Col. John, head of the U.S. Military Observer Group – Washington(USMOG-W), visited the Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion in South Sudan on the morning of March 17, 2016.

Wang Yu’an, commander of the Chinese peacekeeping battalion, welcomed the U.S. delegation and briefed the delegation about the information including the battalion’s personnel, weapons and equipment, rotational deployment and mission implement.

The U.S. side carried out in-depth exchanges with the Chinese side on performing missions and dealing with emergencies.

After that, the U.S. delegation visited the fitness room, barber room, combat duty room, company commander room, recreational room and soldiers’ dormitories in a company assigned to the Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion.

After touring the tidy arrangement at soldiers’ dormitories, John doubtfully asked, “Do your solders use these dormitories every day?” He expressed his admiration after getting an affirmative answer.

During the lunch time after completing the visit and taking a group photo with some of the Chinese peacekeepers, the members of the U.S. delegation delightfully enjoyed the delicious Chinese foods, and some of them also tried to learn how to use the chopsticks.

It is learnt that the main purposes of the U.S. military observer delegation’s visit to South Sudan are to learn about UN mission areas’ security and protection measures, health and welfare benefits, logistic support, peacekeepers’ performance, tactical operation requirement as well as daily working and living orders and styles.

A Lieutenant Colonel from the force headquarter of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said that the reason for selecting the Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion for the U.S. delegation to visit is to showcase the UN troops with the most professional accomplishment, highest working spirit and strongest executive ability among all the troop contributing countries to the U.S. observers and staff officers

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Editor :  Yao Jianing