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15 people punished for fabricating, disseminating military-related online rumors

( Source: China Military Online  )         2015-September-2 17:58

  BEIJING, September 2 (ChinaMil) -- The security departments of the Chinese military recently joined hands with the public security departments to crack down on the online rumors and information related to the military. Another 15 people were investigated and punished according to law for fabricating or disseminating online rumors, after dealing with 19 rumormongers in the earlier stage.

  With the campaign that combats corruption deepened in the military, and with the strategy of building a strong military firmly pushed forward since the beginning of this year, Internet users have felt glad about the new looks and new changes that take on in the military.

  However, some individuals ignored national laws and regulations, and willfully fabricated and spread military-related rumors. Some of them pieced up the "latest reform plan in the military" on WeChat, some made up the so-called "inside information", and some maliciously trumped up false military intelligence and disrupted the social order.

  After collecting evidences through investigations, the public security departments punished 15 people for fabricating and disseminating military-related online rumors by means of administrative detention, fine, education and reprimand, including Liu and Dong.

  The person in charge of the law-enforcing department of the military said that the combat against military-related rumors and illegal information will be stepped up, and hoped that Internet users surf the Internet according to law, get information from authoritative media, do not believe in rumors or disseminate unverified information, and consciously defend the Internet order.

Editor :  Yao Jianing