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Xi Jinping bestows military honors

( Source: Xinhua  )         2015-August-26 20:58

  BEIJING, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) -- Xi Jinping, in his role of chairman of the Central Military Commission, has signed orders to give honorary titles to two military units and one individual for their outstanding services.

  Unit 69316 was honored for their outstanding border duty services amid treacherous environment and complicated security situations over the past decades, and the 61st branch of Unit 73122 was honored for cultivating a large number of high-quality cadres and their efforts to promote traditional, revolutionary values, according to a Wednesday statement.

  Tan Qingquan, a senior engineer with the 42nd branch of Unit 96315, was honored for achievements in leading the research and development of missile facilities.

  The statement urged all officers and soldiers to follow the examples of those honored and make concrete efforts to boost military construction, reform and combat readiness.

  In a separate statement also released Wednesday, Xi signed orders of commendation to award merit citation, a lesser honor than honorary titles, to three military units and 28 individuals.

  The first-class merit citation was awarded to the 90th branch of Unit 92730 and the computer research center with the National University of Defense Technology for "making prominent contributions" in fulfilling missions and scientific research, respectively, according to the statement.

  Individuals honored with first, second and third-class merit citations included research fellows, engineers, university professors and hospital staff.

Editor :  Zhang Tao